What Is Site Manager About? – (Inside Wealthy Affiliate)

What is Site Manager About?

So you have either recently joined Wealthy Affiliate, or you are doing some research, and your curios about Site Manager.

This sounds like something that you need, but your looking for some more in depth info first. You like to see what’s offered before jumping in blindfolded, and I also, believe in doing your due diligence.

There are just too many scams online today, and it’s far too risky to sign up for anything that requires you giving out your financial info.

In fact, that’s what led me to Wealthy Affiliate. No Credit Card Needed. Try Before You Buy.

Thanks to the try before you buy offer, I joined WA, and quickly went to the premium membership because of the incredible value that is offered across the board.

Site Manager is just one, of the many valuable assets that WA members get to utilize as part of the one stop shop, for everything affiliate marketing.

The best part, in case you don’t already know, you will have access to this as a free member.

Now without any further delay, let me answer that question and show off this package of convenience.

What Is Site Manager About?

Site Manager, just like the other SiteRubix tools, is about user experience. Put another way, it’s about adding value for the members of Wealthy Affiliate, and giving us a convenient tool to manage many aspects of our online business ventures.

This single tool gives us access to insights about our websites and what needs improvement, or what’s looking good.

Site Manager will be your information hub to manage all the websites that you are currently hosting at Wealthy Affiliate.

It will give a wide range of information about each site, such as, what version of WordPress your website is currently running, how many pages or posts you currently have on that particular website, or you can update and change the settings within Site Plus.

This only names a few of the many benefits to using Site Manager.

But how can you use it?

I’ll get into that right now.

How To Use Site Manager.

As with all the Site Rubix features, you will need to be a member of Wealthy Affiliate in order to access and use these tools, and you can gain access with a free membership.

So, the first step to using Site Manager, is to sign in to WA. After signing in, click “Websites” on the left-hand side of the screen, and then click “Site Manager” at the top of the tool list.

Site Manager Navigation Example

You will be taken to the Site Manager home screen, and this is where we can dig into the data for our websites. As you can see in the image below, there is lot going on here, and that’s just the surface.

This is an actual snapshot of my website at the time of this writing. I will be using my site as an example throughout this article.

Feel free to ask any questions you may have about it in the comments section below, but for now, let’s get into that data.

Site Manager Home Page

Where should we start?

How about explaining what information is presented, from just this home screen.

Site Manager Home Screen: Data At A Glance

  • Domain Name – (Top Left Corner)

theaffiliatepathway.com is a link that I can use to go directly to the front end of my website. As you can see, this website was created on January 30th of 2019. This means I’m just over six months into the journey with this website.

This information is just for convenience really. It gives me quick access to my website home page, and helps keep track of the lifetime of my site.

  • Site Health – (Top Right Corner)

Site Health is a separate feature that is build into the Site Manager. This tool adds a lot of value to the manager and has a plenty of extra data to offer. Read my article on Site Health here.

This feature will tell you if you’re publishing content often enough, if the content is ranked, and if your getting enough engagement. This is just some of what we can find inside Site Heath. More on that in the other article.

  • Website Snapshot – (Center Left)

This is just a snapshot of my website homepage. I can easily see what my visitors are seeing whenever they visit the site.

  • Last Backup & Update

It’s always great to know that your site is up to date, and covered with a backup, just in case old Murphy comes knocking at your website.

Notice that the dates are the same. This is because, as a premium member, my site receives backups and updates daily. It’s part of the package and comes at no extra cost.

How nice is that?

I don’t have to stress over any of that technical stuff with this, but I still do my own backups anyway. However, I can always rest assured that, if for some reason my backup fails, Wealthy Affiliate has me covered daily.

Site Manager Center Section

  • Monitoring

Now this one offers a series of images, and you may not understand what they represent until you hover over each one. I’ll list what each image represents, and what it means, starting from left and moving to the right.

Site Manager Monitoring Icons

  1. Server Image: Lets you know that database monitoring is active
  2. Bug: This highlights that malware and virus monitoring is active
  3. Disc Drive: Filesystem monitoring is active
  4. Goal or Target: Hacking and intrusion monitoring is active
  5. Rabbit: Site performance monitoring is active
  • WordPress Version

This one should be rather obvious to anyone looking to start an online business. WordPress is a very renown website creation and hosting platform. In fact, WordPress is responsible for 33.6%, or 75 million websites on the platform, as of the latest statistics.

As you can see, I am currently running WordPress version 5.2.2. This is not the latest version of WordPress. The latest version would be 7.2.2, and Wealthy Affiliate is in the process of testing the new version before the final release to all WA members.

I could easily have my site converted over to the latest version, however, I prefer to let these guys work out any bugs they may find first. WA is always looking out for your best interest, and instead of forcing you to adapt to a new system update that hasn’t been tested, they take their time to make sure it’s right and will integrate with the WA platform seamlessly, as it has since I joined.

  • Pages

The number of pages on my website at this time. Only 5. Pages are typically used for disclosures, about page, and welcome page. These are usually pages that you wouldn’t encourage others to comment on.

If your looking to engage with your audience and have them leave comments, then posts will be your best friend.

  • Posts

Currently only 20 posts on my website. Will be 21 after this one, and it will keep rising as I keep publishing new content to help you navigate through the online affiliate world.

You can find all 20 of my posts on my home page. My home page is set to my blog roll, or latest posts. This way, anytime you return to my site, you will always see my latest and greatest content right there at the top.

  • Approved and Pending Comments

40 approved comments across my site, with zero pending at the moment.

Imagine if I had 20 pages and only 5 posts. What do you think the visitor engagement would be like then?

I would guess around only 4 comments but who really knows for sure.

The fact is, Wealthy Affiliate taught me how to build my website the right way, the first time, so I won’t be making that type of rookie mistake. If by chance, you are one of those rookies and your not yet a member of Wealthy Affiliate, you may like to see my review, and see if we can help get you headed in the right direction with your website.

If you are completely new to this online business thing, then, I can imagine that you are asking a question right now.

Why would comments matter anyway, it’s about the content, not the comments right?

Not true. It’s not really about comments at all, it’s about engagement from your audience, among many other factors. If you can get people talking about your products or the content within your posts, that will show Google that you are someone to pay attention to because you are providing value that others are searching for.

Like I said, it’s not the only factor, but it helps. I’ll point you in the direction of another SiteRubix tool that can help you get some comments and increase your odds for better rankings in the SERP’s later in this post.

  • Google Index

Has your site been indexed in Google yet?

Google is the most powerful search engine in the world, and they boast 90% of all searches done on the internet, plus 95% of mobile searches.

They are no joke, and you definitely want your site to rank well with them. That’s the goal, second only to providing helpful content for your audience.

Don’t neglect Bing or Yahoo either, but Google is number one for a reason, so always aim to achieve the best.

  • Site Plus

This is yet another great SiteRubix feature, built into Site manager, and it also deserves an article of it’s own. That post is part of this series and it will be here very soon. Just check back in a day or two, and you should see it at the top of my home page, or you can find a link to it here after it’s published.

Site Manager Bottom Section

We are almost through, lets just go over the lower portion of options on the Site Manager home page.

  • Log in

Direct access to the back end of your website. Pure convenience. If you notice something is off with one of your websites while checking out the Site Manager, you can quickly jump to the back end of your site to access whatever you need to fix.

  • Refresh

Clicking this, will refresh everything you see on the home page. While this is not necessary for most of the data offered, it can be used to update your website snapshot, as that image does not update automatically.

  • View

Just another convenient way to access the front end of your website and see what your audience is seeing when they visit.

  • Comments

Remember earlier, I mentioned that there was a way to get comments on your website? This is it, however, this is also another tool that will have a separate article soon.

When you click this button, you will be taken to Site Comments. The Wealthy Affiliate, pay it forward, comment networking platform. You leave comments on other members websites and earn credits, then use those credits to request comments on your site.

There is an option to just purchase the credits, but it’s a win-win scenario if you help others while helping yourself.

  • Feedback

Last but not least, of the added features that will have a new article coming soon. Clicking this button will take you to Site Feedback, and this is where you can get feedback on your website from other WA members.

The system is set up the same as Site Comments. It’s all pay it forward. You give some good constructive criticism to others and spend, earned or purchased, credits to request feedback for your sites.

This can be incredibly helpful to the beginner, especially when the feedback comes from other experts who understand more about the user experience aspect than you do. They will often see things that you missed and will always politely point you in the right direction.

  • Move

Would you like to move your website to a new domain?

You can do just that, by clicking the “Move” button here.

Wealthy Affiliate gives all free members, two absolutely free websites to create and manage however they like, hosted on the WA SiteRubix server. All free website domain names will have, .siterubix.com at the end of them.

For example: My website is theaffiliatepathway.com, it was once theaffiliatepathway.siterubix.com, before I moved it to a domain that I purchased.

Once you click “Move”, you will need to choose what domain you want to move your site to. Enter that domain name, and if you own it already, simply click “I’m Ready, Move My Site”.

If you do not already own the domain name that you wish to move your site to, you will need to add it to your cart and click “Continue To Cart” after finding a domain to your liking.

This will take you to Site Domains. Site Domains is how you will find, register, and manage all of your domain names. You can check out the article about Site Domains anytime for further details.

  • Details

The final option on the list. What about the details?

This option will take you to the Site Manager details screen, and gives you a host of other related info to your websites.

What Will You See Inside The Site Manager Details Page?

  • Admin & Domain details

Site Manager Website Details

Here we can quickly access, both the front and back end of our website.

I have removed my passwords and login information for the purpose of this example image. If you log in to Site Manager and go to your details page, you will see the information listed here. Do Not Share This Information. Don’t put yourself, or your hard work at risk, by exposing these details to the world.

You can easily reset your admin details with the click of button. This will simply generate another password for you automatically. Signing in has never been easier and there is no need to remember a password for every trip to your website.

  • Site Plus

As I mentioned earlier, SitePlus will have an article of it’s own very soon, but for now. Here is a snapshot of what’s to come in that post.

Site Manager SitePlus+ Preview

  • PageSpeed Insights

Site Manager PageSpeed Insights Tool

This is one of my, many favorite features, offered with the Site Rubix tool set. Here we can get access to a quick and convenient way to check our page speed for each page or post that has been uploaded to our sites.

As you can see, my mobile score is not faring so well at the moment. So, if your on mobile, I do apologize and I am working diligently to speed it up for you.

Now, we do have a couple of options here. We can either click refresh to get an accurate and updated site speed insight, or we can click on the “G”, to be taken to Google Page Speed Insights. Who better than Google, to tell you what is slowing your site down, and how to fix it.

Yet again, pure convenience.

  • Features included: Every one of these features will have it’s own separate article very soon, so check back in a few days to get the inside scoop on each.
    • Site Health
    • Site Comments
    • Site Feedback
    • Site Support
    • Site Security

Site Manager Included Features

  • Installed Plugins

Site Manager Installed Plugins Snapshot

This is just a snapshot of your installed plugins. Plugins are like apps, if you can think of it, there is probably a plugin for it. If not, I suppose that’s a business opportunity then.

  • What’s Included with Your Premium SiteRubix Hosting

Whats included with premium SiteRubix hosting

A quick snapshot of everything you get for having premium SiteRubix hosting with WA. I could explain each, but I feel that they are self-explanatory. If I’m wrong, please let me know in the comments below, and I will update this post to clarify any misconceptions. For now, however, I will let the image speak for itself.

That Is What Site Manager Is About And How To Use It.

I believe that I have covered everything that makes Site Manager what it is, an easy way to access and manage the various aspects of your website from one location. Convenience and quality delivered to WA members, again and again.

Now, if for any reason, you are still asking “What is Site Manager about”, then I must not have done my job. In that case, I could really use your input.

What, if anything, need’s more clarification?

Can you see the value that Site Manager can add to your online business ventures?

Do you think that I missed any crucial information?

Let me know in the comments below, and I will response promptly.

Thanks for reading this article and I wish you the best.

To Your Success,

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