What Is Site Health About? – (Inside Wealthy Affiliate)

What is Site Health About?

You have either just joined Wealthy Affiliate, or you are doing your due diligence, and researching everything you need to know about the platform. You may have come to this article, after reading my other article about Site Manager.

Either way, I am here to answer that all important question, what is Site Health about, and explain how to use it to your benefit.

This is only one article, of the series that covers every piece, of the SiteRubix tool set.

You can find them on my home page, and some of these articles will reference you to others that are related to one another.

So, without further delay, lets answer the first question.

What Is Site Health About?

Site Health, just like all the other features within the SiteRubix tool set, is about user experience. It’s about adding value to the Wealthy Affiliate membership and providing insights to guide your website building efforts in the right direction.

This feature will give you behind the scenes access to valuable data for your websites. It’s a snapshot of how your site may appear to the search engines, and will give you some insights as to what aspect of your site management, may need attention.

WA believes in adding value and convenience at every turn, and they have done it again with Site Health.

But how can you use this to your advantage? What does it really offer?

Let’s get into that now.

How To Use Site Health:

As with all the SiteRubix tools, you will need to be a member at Wealthy Affiliate, in order to gain access. You can sign up for completely free, without any credit card info. If you are interested in learning more, feel free to check out my review here.

To start, we need to sign in to Wealthy Affiliate.

Now, click “Websites”, on the left-hand side of the screen.

Next, click “Site Manager”, and then click “view details” in the top right corner of the Site Manager home page.

Site Manager Navigation Example

How to access Site Health

This will take you to the Site Health home page, and this is where we get to see how our site is performing overall, and if there are any areas that need more focus. As you can see in the image below, we have eight different aspects that are monitored and measured for our convenience.

What gets measured gets managed.

So, lets get into those now, starting from the top left and working down the line.

Site Health Details

Publishing Frequency

Publishing Frequency

How often do you post new content?

The more often you can add new content, the more current your website will be, and the better chance you will have for favorable SERP rankings.

Every new article or post is an opportunity to add value to the lives of others, share your message, and make a difference for yourself and your audience.

While owning a profitable website is meant to give you the time freedom that we all desire, it does not come fast or easy. It will require many hours of dedicated and consistent effort in all aspects of creating your online business. Publishing new content is one of the many important steps that must be taken on a regular basis.

We want to, not only create valuable content for our audience, but to also show Google that we are working hard on delivering that content and we are the authority in our market.

If you feel that you may not be able to publish new content consistently, and your now wondering if it’s even worth pursuing, then you are not alone.

As you can see from my publishing frequency score, I am not able to post new content as often as I would like. This does not mean that we can’t be successful. The niche that you choose to enter can be a major determining factor on your success vs publish frequency.

The more competitive a niche, the more consistent you will need to be, and likewise if the niche is less competitive. Don’t let this hold you back however. Take a quick glance at “Google Ranked” on the Site Health menu from my site. Every post I have created has been ranked, some within minutes, and some larger ones, within days.

Google is also not the only SERP in town either. I have many articles ranked on the first page of Bing and Yahoo as well.

You could also, so get to sharing that valuable content, and don’t stop until you surpass your desired income levels.

Content Quality and Variety

Content Quality & Variety

Are you producing quality content with a variety of word counts? How do you know if it’s quality?

The simple way to answer this question, is to ask yourself another question.

Is my content providing value by explaining my topic well enough that others can understand it, answering the related questions, staying on topic, and helping any visitors to my site?

If you can answer yes to all of these, and your articles are not exactly the same length every time you write one, then you are likely producing quality content. Search engines like to see quality, engaging, and relevant content. Stick to those guidelines, and minimal grammar errors, and you should be well on your way.

If you are thinking that you are not a writer, and couldn’t possibly produce this type of content, then think again. I was also in that mindset whenever I got started online, but after many hours of continued training and practice at Wealthy Affiliate, my skills have, and continue to improve daily.

If I can do it, so can you. Now, lets continue.

Visitor Engagement

Visitor Engagement

Is your content engaging with your audience? Do they respond to your articles by answering or asking questions, are they giving you compliments, or sharing your content on social media?

The more engaging your content is for your chosen niche, the more likely that Google and other search engines will see your content as relevant and rank worthy.

This is not a make it or break it aspect, but why not utilize every tool in your arsenal to drive your articles to the top of the SERPs. If you are delivering real value, then you would be doing a disservice by not using every advantage to put your content in front of the eyes of your audience.

How can you be more engaging?

Always write as if you were speaking to a friend. Consider that, while you may only be explaining something on paper or over the internet, this is still a two-sided conversation.

What does your audience need or want to know about?

As you write, consider some questions for what you have just explained, and try to answer those as you write. If you are at a loss, or, if your audience still has further questions, then encourage them to let you know in the comments section.

This is not the only way to get engagement on your site though. Wealthy Affiliate has another tool, from the SiteRubix tool set, that will help with this. Its called Site Comments and I will have that article out very soon, so be sure to check back here or at my home page. You can access this directly from the Site Health home page, by clicking the blue button labeled, “Request Website Comments Here”.

Now, lets continue on to the next feature of Site Health.

Your Engagement

Your Engagement

This one goes hand in hand with Visitor Engagement, but you are in the spotlight this time. If your visitors are engaging, then you should be to. Let them know that they can expect real answers or responses from a real person.

Nobody likes to talk to a machine, so be sure that you are or a team member are responding to your audience as they respond to your content. Don’t leave them waiting, and always have the last word. The search engines are watching. Are you?

Let’s go to the next in line.



Plugins are great tools to use for our websites. They can add many features or aspects to our sites, that eliminate the need for us to learn how to code, or simplify some basic processes with day to day activities.

Kraken.io image optimizer plugin

Take Kraken for example, once installed, this single tool will optimize every image that you post to your website. This will reduce the image size, and by extension, increase your site load times and add to your user experience.

As a side note, it was just recently announced that the premium Kraken.io image optimizer, will come installed on all new websites created and hosted on the Wealthy Affiliate SiteRubix servers.

So why are the plugins being measured for us in Site Health?

Because, using to many plugins can slow down your site, and take away from the user experience. There are some exceptions to this rule as many website owners can attest. My site is currently running 13 plugins and I am still achieving optimal speeds.

Why? Because I am using quality plugins that either add to the speed of my site, by optimizing various related aspects, or they only decrease my speed scores by minimal standards.

Wealthy Affiliate training suggests no more than five plugins on a single site. If you go over this, then your Plugins metric will remain at zero percent. Do not worry, so long as you are diligent in choosing what plugins to use, and you test them one at a time to see how they affect your site speed.

I suggest using the Google Page Speed Insights directly on their site, or you can access the same tool within the Wealthy Affiliate Site Manager feature under the details tab.

There are a few members at WA, that offer some in depth training on choosing plugins, but that is for another post.

Let’s move on down the line.

Site Trust

Site Trust

Is your website trustworthy? Not if it’s brand new.

The search engines like to see websites that have been around for a while, active in their content creation, and responsive to their audience. There are so many factors that can help you rank well, but you are less likely to see these results, if your site does not have some age behind it.

This doesn’t mean that you can’t get some organic traffic, but it will be more difficult until you put in the effort over a period of time.

How long is long enough? That’s a good question, let me tell you, it’s not as long as you may think.

Any website that is six months old or younger, is considered new to Google. This means that the website in question is not yet considered a trusted source of information. However, after you pass the six-month mark, your content may slowly start rising in the SERP’s, meaning better rankings.

Now, some of you may be thinking, just as I did in the beginning, that you could simply purchase a domain name and keep it active for six months before worrying about publishing content. This way, your site will have the required age to see improved results from your hard work, and you will simply take a shortcut to the top.

Sorry, that is not how it works, there are no real short cuts.

Even if you own the domain name, but the site is not active, then Google will still consider it to be an infant. The best practice, just like every other business opportunity, is to put in the hard work and effort up front to reap the rewards later.

You should always be thinking about building your business for the long term. That is what Wealhty Affiliate teaches us to do, and that is what works.

Don’t fall victim to the scams, that offer you a top ranked website, built from scratch within your first three months of payments. They are thieves or using black hat SEO tactics that will destroy the reputation of the site you’re purchasing.

Do the work yourself or hire trusted experts who understand, and are honest, about the real time commitment that is necessary to see long term results.

Moving on again.

Google Ranked

Google Ranked

This is very straight forward. Is your website indexed in Google?

If for some reason, your site is not indexed after about a month or two, then you may need to look further into this to see why. I would start with search console, because Google will tell you what is wrong. Often times, it could just be a simple mistake that goes unnoticed, until you realize that your site is still not ranking.

You may be wondering what I mean by indexing. Getting your site indexed is the first step in getting your content ranked within the SERP’s.

Being indexed means that the search engines are aware of your site, and they will automatically monitor it for new content.

Getting ranked is when the search engines decide where to place your content in the SERP’s.

Although they will scan your site automatically for new content, you should still, always submit the URL of your new post to each search engine, and request indexing. This will speed up the process, as they do not scan your site constantly. Keep in mind, just because you request indexing, does not mean that they will scan it immediately. They will do that at their convenience.

Now, on to the next metric.

Website Feedback

Website Feedback

This metric is more focused inside of Wealthy Affiliate, and it encourages you to seek feedback from other experienced members who can help you get started and continue in the right direction with your site. To learn more about this, check out my article on Site Feedback.

This feature has been invaluable to my learning experience inside of WA. The feedback I have received, has led me to make many changes, that have made my site more user-friendly for you.

They are always polite, while giving real and honest constructive criticism that has a great impact on your site. Often times, as we develop our sites and get lost in the content creation, we may forget to dot the i’s or cross the t’s.

Having feedback from other experienced website founders, helps to weed out the large and small details that we may have overlooked, and this has proven invaluable time and time again.

Just keep in mind, that every time you receive some quality feedback, be sure to implement their suggestions withing reason, before requesting for more feedback.

I say within reason, because some suggestions will boil down to user preference.

A couple of examples would be the choice of your home page or perhaps the style of your website. If you know what you want, and the advice is conflicting with the direction that you want to go with your site, then follow your gut. If the advice is reasonable and makes sense, then at least consider taking it, but don’t try to please everybody.

We are not in the business of pleasing everybody, and in the long run, it is your website and your dream that you are building.

If you would like to request some valuable feedback for your website, and you are a member of WA, simply click the blue button that says “Request Website Feedback Here” after logging in.

Can Site Health Help You?

Well, you made it. You have learned what Site Health is about and how to use it.

But I’m Curious. Can Site Health help you? What do you think?

Hopefully I have presented a strong enough case to show how convenient this SiteRubix tool can be to your website management efforts. Like I said in the beginning of this post, it’s all about user experience and adding value to the WA membership.

So if you have enjoyed what I have presented here, and you would like to learn a little more about the Wealthy Affiliate platform, then check out my review and see for yourself how WA adds value at every turn, and it’s the best place for beginners to start affiliate marketing.

They truly are the one stop shop for everything you will need from start to finish.

Tell me how I did in the comments below and I will respond asap.

To Your Success,

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