What Is Site Comments About? – (Inside Wealthy Affiliate)

What is Site Comments About?

If you are asking this question, then I can only assume that you have either read a Wealthy Affiliate review, or you have just signed up. Either way, I will be explaining what Site Comments is about, and how to use it to your advantage, throughout this post.

This is only one article, of the series, that covers each SiteRubix feature found only on Wealthy Affiliate. While you can sign up for free without any financial info, you must be a premium member to enjoy the benefits of the Site Comments tool.

Wealthy Affiliate offers a wide range of features and tools that will benefit anyone looking to start an affiliate marketing website, and they have step by step training to boot.

If you would like to learn more about the platform, you can see my Ultimate Wealthy Affiliate Review.

Now, lets get right into it, and answer the first question.

What Is Site Comments About?

Site Comments is about user experience, just like all the other SiteRubix tools offered at Wealthy Affiliate.

It’s about adding value to the Wealthy Affiliate membership, and giving users a convenient way to request and receive engagement through comments, on their websites. If you have read my other article about Site Health, then you already have some idea, as to why comments are important to your site rankings.

Comments on your website, are important because it shows the search engines that your content is engaging to your audience. They like websites that can engage their users and, while this is not the only factor, it can help raise your SERP rankings significantly for multiple reasons.

The first being what I just mentioned, the search engines like content that engages with the audience.

The second, is that comments, add content to your articles. What does that mean?

It means, that every time someone comments on one of your articles, that article has just earned some extra content. This increases the word count for the respective article, and these comments can rank in the SERP’s.

Every comment, could be considered a potential free traffic generator. This is like having a team of writers who just add to whatever you have already posted.

Just always remember, that you should always have the last word. Don’t leave a comment without a response. You want your audience to know that they can expect a real reply from a real person.

Now that you understand what Site Comments is about and why it’s important, lets get into how to use it.

How To Use Site Comments:

As I said a moment ago, you will need to be a member of WA, to gain access. If you are not already a member, learn how to sign up through my Wealthy Affiliate review.

After signing in to the Wealthy Affiliate home page, you need to click “Websites” on the left-hand side of the screen.

Next, click Site Comments.

Site Comments Navigation

Site Comments Home Page

This is the Site Comments home page, and this is where we can give comments to other WA members to earn credits, or we can manage the comments we have received from other members, plus see a variety of other related information.

Let’s start with leaving comments for other WA members, but first, a little advice.

Pay It Forward With Quality Comments:

I should first mention that, inside WA, we encourage quality comments. The more quality comments you give, the more likely you are to receive the same. Quality comments should be engaging, relevant to the topic, and provide an easy window for the host to give a quality answer or response.

If you simply jump into a members website, and say “hey thanks for the post, your so cool”, then not only do you stand a good chance of having your comment denied, you will also be paired with others who do this, and you will likely not receive quality comments either.

Site Comments How To Leave Awesome Comments

Remember, pay it forward. Put out what you would like in return. Quality comments are great for your website, non-quality, not so much.

Now, with that warning, lets continue.

Navigating Site Comments To Give Comments:

From the Site Comments home screen, you need to click the “Offer Comments” tab, in the top right corner as seen below.

Site Comments Offer Comments

This is where we will be offered websites from other WA members that are requesting comments. On this page, we will have a few options and information to note.

At the top of the page, you will see your comment boost status. This is a feature that allows you to add your requested comments to a priority list, meaning that you will receive comments faster.

Site Comments Comment Boost

In order to gain this status, you need to leave 10 comments for other members within 24 hours, and then, your requested comments will be on the priority list for the next 24 hours.

Pretty cool benefit right? That’s because of the pay it forward model. As you contribute, you are rewarded.

Now, before we go any further, we need to choose what type of websites we are interested in leaving comments on. You want to stick to topics that you are okay with reading and responding to.

If you pick topics that you do not like or have zero interest in, then you may choose to skip that site whenever it is presented for you to give comments. Your skip rate will be monitored, and it needs to remain under 20% for you to achieve the certified commenter status. More on this soon, but for now, this is what we are looking at when picking topics to comment on.

Site Comments Interests

As you can see, we have a variety of options to choose from.

If you are ever having trouble finding a website to comment on, you may increase your interests, to increase your odds of someone seeking them. Sometimes, everyone who has requested comments, has received them, and you may not have the opportunity to add yours. Just remember to keep that skip rate down.

Now, to adding that value for our fellow WA members.

Site Comments Requesting Websites

Notice on this screen, there is a website URL at the top, and a snapshot of their site on the left-hand side. This is the members site, who is requesting comments.

Also, Notice on the right-hand side of the screen, this person is only looking for questions on the topic or overall article.

There are four options that we could request but I will cover those later. Just be sure to pay attention to the type of comments the owner is looking for, or yours may get denied, and rightly so. Specific types of comments are requested for a reason, and that is entirely up to the website owner.

How To Leave Comments Using Site Comments:

Now that you have made your way to the offer comments page, selected your interests, and been offered a website to comment on. Let’s do that now.

To get started, click the website snapshot. This will open a new tab, and take you to their website. You may also click on the URL for the same results. Either way, now the fun begins.

Hopefully you have chosen a topic that you are interested in, because your about to do some reading. May be light reading, or it could be extensive. It will vary from site to site, so be prepared.

Now, after you have read the content and have a quality comment to leave. We need to go back to Wealthy Affiliate and post it in the comments section below the website snapshot.

This is important: If you accidentally post the comment on the website, then it will get denied through the WA platform, because that comment is already on the members website. I accidentally did this on my first time through, and learned that valuable lesson. Learn from my mistake, post it only at WA.

What Happens After You Leave A Comment?

Well, now you move on to do the same for others, and earn yourself enough credits to request comments for your articles.

You will be awarded with one credit for each comment posted, and you can track how many credits you have in the navigation menu at the top of WA, as seen in the image below.

Site Comments Credits

You can get a closer look at your credits history, and some other ways to earn them by clicking the “W” icon that’s circled above.

If you choose, you may also purchase credits to use toward your Site Comments, Site Feedback, or Site Domains ventures. Each credit holds a value of $0.50.

If you scroll further down the page, you can check for any comments that you have pending for your sites, see your comment requests, and any pending comments that you have offered to others.

Now that you have the basic concept down, and you can see how easy this is to utilize, let’s move on.

How To Request Comments For Your Websites:

Navigate back to the “Request Comments” tab.

You will see a notation stating how many credits you have on this tab. There is a simple six step process to requesting comments for your website.

  1. Choose the Website: You may have many websites hosted at WA, now is the time choose which one to request comments for, using the drop down menu that displays all of your site URL’s.
  2. Select the Page or Post: What content would you like to have some engagement on? Choose one here.
  3. Choose a Category: Let other members know what category your website is in, to help align them with their chosen interests.
  4. Choose the Desired Feedback Type: Remember earlier, I mentioned that there where four options to choose from when requesting comments. These are the four options. You may select just one, or all options for your request.
    1. Questions on the topic or overall article.
    2. Discussion about the topic
    3. Offer experience with the topic
    4. Opinion about the topic
  5. Decide how many comments you would like to request and click “Preview My Request”.
  6. Last, but not least, submit your request after reviewing it.

Very easy and straight forward, right?

Wealthy Affiliate makes it easy, to accomplish every aspect of creating and managing a successful affiliate marketing website, for beginners or experienced entrepreneurs alike.

One more thing before we wrap this up.

How To Become A Certified Commenter:

You can earn certified commenter status, when you give 50 comments to WA members, within a one-month time frame. You must also keep your comment approval rating at 80% or higher, and your skip rate at 20% or less.

This status will reset every month, however, achieving it will give you the opportunity to earn cash credits of $0.50, for every other comment approved. It is not guaranteed that you will earn cash credits, but more often than not, you do.

You may choose to cash out once a month to PayPal, or you can convert the cash credits to WA credits.

There is potential to earn enough as a certified commenter to pay for a Wealthy Affiliate premium membership, however, you would need to post almost 200 comments a month to cover this. That’s not realistic to me, but you may be better suited to this than I am.

As you can see in the image below, many WA members have achieved the certified commenter status already, and many do use this to pay for, at least a portion of their premium membership fees, if not the entire cost per month.

Site Comments Certified Commenter

So, now you understand what Site Comments is about, how to use it, and why you should be using it to drive engagement within your websites.

What Do You Think About Site Comments?

What is your opinion about the Site Comments tool?

Is this something that you could use to drive engagement to your websites?

If you own a website already. How often do you receive comments naturally?

Can you see how Wealthy Affiliate is adding value to every step of the process?

I would like to know what you have to say to these questions, or anything that you would like to talk about related to this article. Just drop a comment below, and I will respond asap.

To Your Success,

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