Wealthy Affiliate Review (The Short Version)

I’m will try my best to keep this Wealthy Affiliate Review as short as possible while still offering the greatest qualities that come built into the platform. This will be difficult as there is so much offered at WA, and it’s hard to narrow down what the best features to mention will be.

Why am I trying to keep it short and is there a longer, more in depth, version that you could read instead?

Because, time is the most valuable asset, I don’t want to waste it. There are more and more searches being performed on mobile than ever before. This means that many don’t have 30 minutes to stand there and read an extensive, all-inclusive review for anything. So with that in mind, lets get right into it.

If you do have the time, you can Read My Ultimate Wealthy Affiliate Review Here.

This review should take around 6-8 minutes to read.

My Wealthy Affiliate RankingWA Logo

  • My Rating4.7 of 5
  • Website URLwww.wealthyaffiliate.com
  • Recommended: Highly recommended for beginners
  • Price: Starter Member = Free
    • Premium Member First Month = $19 (if upgraded within the first seven days) and $49 a Month After with Yearly and Half Year Options

What is Wealthy Affiliate and How Does It Work?

Wealthy Affiliate is an online education platform that specializes in teaching others how to create their own online business with the affiliate marketing method. WA has a vast amount of resources and over 100k users who all help each other to achieve the same goal, a successful and lasting online business that generates traffic naturally over time.

Generating natural traffic is an important part of the overall success of any business. Paid traffic sources will stop when you stop paying and those tactics will not translate to longevity.

Wealthy Affiliate will teach you the necessary skills if you put in the work and follow the training. It is imperative that you stay consistent and push forward. The WA training will work so long as you work. It is completely reliant on you and your persistence. You will NOT get rich overnight, but instead build a long term passive income stream with the ability to scale out as much as your willing to earn it.

Is Wealthy Affiliate Free?Don't pull that card out yet

Wealthy Affiliate offers several options when sighing up, both free and paid versions.

One of the best features for a beginner at WA, is that you don’t need any financial info. I mean zero to try out the platform for yourself. Simply sign up for your free membership with an email address and create your username. That’s it.

Pretty easy right?

Many other make money online training platforms will have the option to get your money back after a certain time period. Obviously, this requires that you fill in the financial info. And then, if they don’t meet your needs for whatever reason, you must go thru the sometimes laborious process of getting your refund.

No need to worry about this with Wealthy Affiliate. Try before you buy with no obligations.

What Does A Free Membership Get You At WA?

2 Free Websites:

That’s right, Free Membership gives you access to two free WordPress websites that you can create and manage how you see fit. Both hosted thru Wealthy Affiliate’s SiteRubix Platform at no cost to you.

  • Fun Fact: There are over 75 million websites currently using the WordPress platform or around 30% of all websites to date. Plus, there are 55,079 plugins available at the time of this writing. Customizing your site to fit your style has never been easier.

Free Access to 10 Training Lessons:

Man and Women working out

The training received with the free membership is enough to get your site up and running. You could even see profits if your already experienced or resourceful enough to go without the extra education.

  • Affiliate Bootcamp: The bootcamp series is for learning how to promote Wealthy Affiliate and related products/services. This is where I began my training, and I could not be happier with the results. Free members gain access to the first ten lessons of this in depth training, and if you decide to go premium, you gain access to the full 70 lessons from start to finish.

This is one of the best areas to test out the site and see if Wealthy Affiliate is for you or not. If you decide to move forward, you will be going thru a lot of this type of training. Remember, there are no obligations, So Get In There And Give It A Shot.

Limited Access With A Couple Of Bonuses:

WA Free vs Premium Graph

There is no better way to see if the WA platform is for you, than to sign up and give it a try for free.

  • Ask Questions: Get answers from the community or even the owners themselves.
  • Join Live Chat: Offer opinions and request them, whatever suites your fancy. Just keep it civil. (Bonus 1: This is only active for the first 7 days)
  • Visit the Classrooms for Even More In Depth Training: You will have access to only two as a free member. There are many more available for premium members.
  • Affiliate Program: Gain immediate access to the WA affiliate program.
  • 1 on 1 Coaching: (Bonus 2: First seven days only on this one)
  • Discount On Premium Upgrade: If you decide to follow thru with the training and upgrade to a premium membership within the first 7 days, you get the first month for only $19. (Now That’s A Steal)
  • Etc. Etc. Etc.

I could go on and on, but you get the point. You get a lot for free, but you get a lot more as a premium member. If you utilize the WA affiliate status to your advantage, you could very well pay for your premium upgrade with only a few sales.

Premium Membership: Investing in Wealthy Affiliate is an investment in your future. Luckily, you don’t have to break the bank to take that step. Here are the membership options listed below.

  • Free: This one is obvious
  • Paid Monthly: $19 for the first month if upgraded within the first seven days and $49 a month after
  • Paid Half-Yearly: $234 for six months membership ( 20% off bringing the monthly total to $39)
  • Paid Yearly: $359 for the year ( 39% off bringing the monthly total to $29.92) You save $229 with this option

The picture below explains what Wealthy Affiliate premium members will have access to.

Wealthy Affiliate Premium Benefits

I believe that the only one on this list that isn’t self-explanatory, is the Jaaxy LITE feature. Its one of the best keyword research tools on the market that simplifies the process while getting quality data. If you would like to know more about this tool, check out my article on The Best SEO Keyword Tool.

Where Is The Proof?

Duh, it’s in the pudding, or in this case, inside the Wealthy Affiliate platform with the people who have the real firsthand experience. The only ones who can actually attest to how WA truly does what’s promoted by so many on the net.

There are several lists that have been put together by members of the WA community. I’ll link to one of those lists and include a couple of individual posts so that you can see for yourself directly from the community who have seen their sites grow to success.

Note: You will need to sign up before you can have access to view these success stories.

Its Absolutely Free And If You Don’t Like It. You Never Have To Touch It Again.

Here is a list of 29 Wealthy Affiliate Success Stories Full credit and thanks to NatNiches on WA for putting this list together.

Next up, the man with the plan Jay Neill.

He does the weekly live training with Q&A. With 12 years at Wealthy Affiliate, it’s no wonder that he’s such a big influence. Jay takes pride in his position as our official WA live video training coach and it shows.

With 230 blog posts and 365 training videos posted on Wealthy Affiliate, it’s safe to say, He is what we would call an authority.

Incredibly knowledgeable, inspirational, and always helpful, Jay has one of the most renown success stories on the WA platform.

You can take a look by following the image link below.

Jay Neill Success Story

Last but certainly not least: Going by the WA username ramccracken

While I have not had any personal interaction with ramccracken, I am inspired by his story and relate to his goals, as mine are very similar.

Boasting 5 years as a Wealthy Affiliate member, ramccracken is also an active member of the community creating great content to help and guide others to achieve the same success that he now enjoys. He gives some great advice within his

story that should be considered by all aspiring online entrepreneurs.

famccracken success story

Now To Wrap Up This Wealthy Affiliate Review.

Hopefully I was able to keep my word from the start and keep this Wealthy Affiliate review short and sweat while providing enough of an outline for you to make a decision to give it a go.

If you enjoyed this review, please return the favor and let me know.

Do you like the idea of being able to try before you buy without any obligations to go further?

Did I keep my word by keeping this short and sweat?

Was this enough information to help you decide to take a chance with Wealthy Affiliate?

Feedback goes a long way in this business. The more You can tell me about what you need, the more I can do to help you along the way. Don’t be shy, you will not be judged here.

To Your Success,

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10 thoughts on “Wealthy Affiliate Review (The Short Version)”

  1. Hello Darren,

    Without any confusion your review is an amazing post. I am a working person. I have a job in a private company. I have to work there in a time boundary. I just depressed about it. I could not get more money as my need. By reading your review I received the information about the great opportunity to online income. I will join in wealthy affiliate business. I just love this platform because of its time freedom and helpful activities. How can I get free membership? Sorry I couldn’t catch it up. 

    Thanks a lot dude 😉. I will waiting for your next posts.

    • Thank You for reading my review.

      I also work a regular day job while still building my online business and skills. The beautiful thing about creating your own online business is, low barrier to entry, and the potential for massive ROI. You don’t need any money to get started with WA, and the business you build here, can potentially replace that day job that is sucking the life out of you. You can choose your schedule, your pay, everything about your business.

      This is how you sign up. Just enter a username, email, and create a password. That’s it. Nothing else required to get started for free.

      To Your Success,


  2. It’s nice to see a shorter review on Wealthy Affiliate.  Especially when it covers all the essential features and beneftis which would motivate someone to join.

    You have given just enough information to raise one’s interest and curiosity enough to want to find out more.  And with the Free Option available it becomes a no-brainer.

    Good job with this review.  Even if it was a little shorter it would have worked because you write in a way which leads from one area of content to the other in a natural flow.  Thanks so much.

    • Thank you, and I am glad that you enjoyed the short version of my review.

      It was challenging to decide what areas I should mention to get the message across most effectively. There is just to much value at Wealthy Affiliate to compress into a short review. Overall, I am happy with the results though, and as you can see, the message has been delivered. You just can’t get this value anywhere else.

      The completely free option is indeed a no-brainer. For anyone looking to get started online, why not try a proven platform that literally has no strings attached. No credit card needed, no obligations, never return if you don’t enjoy it or it doesn’t meet your expectations. This is why Wealthy Affiliate is so beginner friendly, especially for those who can’t afford to invest the money upfront, or aren’t willing to risk it.

      Thank you again for reading and the kind words,

      To Your Success,


  3. Great review! I agree to what you have said. I have been with wealthy affiliate for some time now and I am satisfied with the offers and services. Great platform for beginners to learn from scratch to advance. What I like the most is the wealthy affiliate community. It is a helpful community that uplift each other.

    • Thank you for reading my Wealthy Affiliate review,

      This is the best platform for beginners to learn from scratch and build a business, and their skills, to last a lifetime. The community is always active and helpful 24/7/365. Someone will always be around to help you out if you need it.

      Thanks again

      To Your Success,


  4. Great review. Lots of benefits inside Wealthy Affiliate. Best benefit of all is the no strings-attached “try before you buy” free membership.  If I am not mistaken, the two free website that a free member builds will be theirs for life, but they do not get additional training after 7 days unless they go Premium. Thank you for sharing the awesome value that is found at Wealthy Affiliate.

    • Thank You for reading my review,

      There are a ton of benefits associated with joining Wealthy Affiliate, and I mention far more in my Ultimate Wealthy Affiliate review. The ultimate version is not for lite reading though, so be warned, it is over an hour worth of WA insider knowledge and guidance.

      You are correct regarding the free websites. They will belong to the free members for life and, no, they will not receive further training past two free starter courses (20 lessons), unless they sign up for a premium membership. The free trail is the best option for anyone who is still on the fence about creating an online business, and they would like to try out the WA platform before deciding to pursue it further.

      I was happy to share this review with you, and I am glad that you see the incredible value offered at Wealthy Affiliate.

      To Your Success,


  5. This is such a great review, Darren

    I have been looking for so long online for an honest platform to begin my online journey and I am definitely joining Wealthy Affiliate for free to take a look inside as it sounds so great.

    I did read somewhere this platform has over 1.4 million members and this says something to me in a very positive way so I hope I will see you on the inside to help me along

    Thank you

    • Thank You for reading this review,

      I am glad that I was able to help you find your path to Wealthy Affiliate. You will not be disappointed if you are committed to making money online through affiliate marketing. This is the all in one platform, that provides everything from start to finish.

      WA is indeed a large group of online entrepreneurs. 1.4 million members, is proof in itself, that the platform is worth at least trying with the free membership. There is literally no risk involved. No Credit Card Info Needed. Just an email, create a username and password, and your good to get started with your online journey.

      If you need any extra info about the platform for whatever reason, please feel free to reach out to me here, or at Wealthy Affiliate. I’m always happy to help. If you would like some extra reading, you can always check out my more in depth Wealthy Affiliate Review.

      Thanks again for reading, and the kind comment.

      To Your Success,



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