Top 10 Common Myths About Affiliate Marketing

There are a lot of common myths and misconceptions about affiliate marketing out there.

I feel that some of these are meant to keep people from getting into this field of business, and others are meant to excite you into believing that it’s easy and you can get rich overnight.

Whether they are trying to limit competition for themselves, steal your money, or something else, their not doing anybody any favors by spreading these myths.

I want to clear up some of these myths and misconceptions by exposing the truth about each.

If anyone desires to get into affiliate marketing and attempt to create a business that could earn them some extra income, or more, then they deserve to understand the reality of this business model and not some wide spread falsehoods.

There are methods to affiliate marketing that don’t require a website but this post will be focused on those that intend to have one for their business.

Let’s clear these up so your not left in the dark.

The Top 10 Common Myths about Affiliate Marketing:

1. Affiliate Marketing is Easy:Baby on laptop

Don’t buy into this.

Affiliate marketing is a simple process but that doesn’t mean that it’s easy. There is a lot going on behind the scenes to build out a business with this method.

There is a learning curve:

You will spend many hours learning the ropes just to get started, and then you will continue learning on a regular basis throughout the lifetime of your business.

Learning will be a necessity to keep your site fresh and active. The market is changing all the time and you will need to adapt to those changes.

2. There Is No Room For More Affiliate Marketers:

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Google alone has over 40,000 searches every second, every day. This is 3.5 billion searches a day.

That is huge amounts of traffic, and this is a strong indicator that you can also get in on the action.

With billions of searches per day, and billions of products worldwide that offer affiliate programs, it would be absurd to truly believe that there is no room for more competition.

Competition is a good thing and you will always have it with an online business.

Don’t shy away from it, embrace it, and strive to produce the best content for your visitors and you will be well on your way to success.

3. You Can Get Rich Quick With This Method:

money falling from the sky


Turning your affiliate website into a profit producing asset will take time.

Google, and other search engines, prefer sites that have some age, a proven track record of consistent activity, and relevant content to offer to the market.

I won’t say it’s impossible, but it’s not realistic to believe that you can create a website today and be rich tomorrow. If it were that easy, we would all be billionaires already.

People who promise this type of success should be researched closely, because it is likely just another scam looking to take your money and run.

Please don’t fall victim to these people and their poor moral code.

4. You Should Only Promote The Most Popular Products/Services:


Yet again, this is not true.

If you plan to start an online business using the affiliate method, then you should choose to promote something that you are familiar with or passionate about.

The goal of your business should be to help others, not just to sell the top products.

If your passionate about something and it happens to be a top selling product or service, then that’s great.

Just keep in mind that, while competition is a good thing and a constant reality in the online world, top products will have much higher competition, usually by well-established websites.

This would not be the best practice for a new website, in fact, most new sites find more success with what is believed to be less popular niche market products/services.

There is a market for virtually everything on the net and you can find an audience for it.

It is not necessary to only promote the most popular.

5. Traffic Equals Profit:toll booth

Even if someone visits your site, that doesn’t mean that they will be making a purchase.

If you are not offering quality content to your audience and helping them to make a purchasing decision, then you will not see the rewards that come with doing so.

Even with the best of content, it is very common that only a percentage of your visitors will decide to make a purchase on the subject of your offer.

Don’t fall victim to believing that 1000 visitors means 1000 sales.

This is not true in any business world and it is the same for affiliate marketing online.

6. Affiliate marketing is Passive Income After the Hard Work is Done:

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Owning an affiliate website is work.

While this type of work,” with persistence”, can and likely will lead to more freedom in the future, it is still work and you will not be completely free from all aspects of the business.

Any online method will afford you the opportunity to work when you choose and from anywhere you like, so long as you have internet access, but you will still have to work.

If you leave your site dormant for to long, you content rankings will decline, your users comments and questions will go unanswered, and your site as a whole will suffer from the inactivity.

As I mentioned earlier, Google and other search engines are looking for active sites with up to date and relevant content plus a good deal of other metrics.

You can eventually hire out some of the work related to maintaining your site, but nobody will care about your business like you care about your business.

Remember that and it becomes clear that you must still have some involvement in your site and it will not be completely passive.

7. You Must Have a Tech Background To Succeed with This Business Model:

Everyone has to start somewhere.Matrix Code

Nobody has ever just jumped into anything and automatically knew everything about it.

While having a tech background could be a huge plus to somebody looking to start an online business, it’s not necessary.

There are millions of people around the world, myself included, who had no experience with creating a website, affiliate marketing, or keyword research, and have still managed to create a successful business online.

This is just part of the learning curve that I mentioned earlier and there is a multitude of resources available to educate you on the ins and outs of the online realm.

There are even free training programs that can teach you step by step how to create your own online business.

8. Its Expensive to Start An Online Business:


If you consider just the time investment that will be required to get into this field, then it defiantly isn’t free, but that doesn’t mean that it has to be expensive.

Wealthy Affiliate offers free training that is sufficient to get your website started and give you a firm understanding of what will be necessary to see success through affiliate marketing.

There are many educational courses such as this, that you could easily use to your advantage and they won’t brake they bank.

You will have to decide how much is too much and then find an option to match your budget.

9. Affiliate marketing is all about deception.

No, No, No,

If anyone truly feels that this is what affiliate marketing is all about, then I hope they stay far away from anything related to creating a website.

As I mentioned before, the goal of any business should be to help others, not deceive them into buying shotty products/services that will leave them with regret at the least.

Always strive to create honest, accurate, and helpful content.

People who use methods of deception will likely see their sites diminish because Google and other search engines will catch on eventually and block their content from the SERPs.

10. Affiliate Marketing is Dead:

Dead Tree Wasteland

This couldn’t be farther from the truth, while affiliate marketing may be changing, as everything does, it’s not going anywhere.

This will be a viable business model for many years to come and it serves to benefit both sides, the merchant and the sales person, so it is highly unlikely that it will ever disappear.

The sheer amount of products/services that you could promote means that there are endless possibilities with this business model.

Wrapping Up:

I hope that I have helped to clarify some the most common myths and misconceptions surrounding affiliate marketing.

If you believe that I have missed something or maybe I got it wrong, Please feel free to let me know anytime either by commenting on this post or you could leave me a review on my Feedback Page.

Thanks for reading,

To Your Success

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  1. Darren. This Sounds Great! So Proud Of You and What You Are Doing for Your Family. Keep Doing What You are Doing , Stay Postive and Great Things Will Happen..
    Take Care.

    • Thank You Ronald. Persistence will pay off, not just for me, but for anyone looking to shape their future. I hope that my site will help others to find the path.
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