The Ultimate Wealthy Affiliate Review (Everything You Need To Know)

If you’re doing some research on Wealthy Affiliate, then your in the right place. This will be The Ultimate Wealthy Affiliate Review. You will find everything you need to know about Wealthy Affiliate before you decide to give them a try for yourself, or not.

Warning: This will be an extremely long post, a little over an hours worth for the average reader. There is a ton of content to cover about Wealthy Affiliate. If your interested, but short on time, check out my Wealthy Affiliate Review (The Short Version).

Also there is a quick start guide below so you can jump to whatever section you are most interested in if you prefer to stick with this review.

Disclosure: I want you to know up front that I am a part of the Wealthy Affiliate, affiliate program. This means that if you decide to sign up for Wealthy Affiliate (aka WA) thru one of my affiliate links, I will earn a commission if you ever decide to upgrade to a premium membership. This will never, in any way, increase the cost for you. You are also not obligated, in any way, to upgrade your membership. You may remain a free member with no risk, no credit card info needed, for as long as you like.

That being said, this will be an honest review. While I do love the platform, there is still some room for improvement. I don’t believe anything is perfect and I will uncover some flaws that many others may not be talking about.

Now, with that out of the way, lets get started.

Just in case this is the first time that you have heard of Wealthy Affiliate, I’ll start by explaining what it is very soon, just after this quick start guide.

The Ultimate Wealthy Affiliate Review Quick Start Guide:

1.) What is Wealthy Affiliate?

2.) Who am I and how did I find Wealthy Affiliate?

3.) Who owns Wealthy Affiliate?

4.) Who is Wealthy Affiliate for?

5.) Who is Wealthy Affiliate not for?

6.) Wealthy Affiliate Complaints and BBB rating.

7.) Wealthy Affiliate and all it has to offer.

8.) Have you decided yet?

My Wealthy Affiliate RankingWA Logo

  • My Rating: 4.7 of 5
  • Website URL:
  • Recommended: Highly recommended for beginners
  • Price: Starter Member = Free (no credit card needed and stay a free member as long as you like)
      • Premium Member First Month = $19 (if upgraded within the first seven days) and $49 a Month After with Yearly and Half Year Options


What Is Wealthy Affiliate?

Wealthy Affiliate is an online education platform that specializes in teaching others how to create their own online business with the affiliate marketing method. Founded in 2005, WA has a vast amount of resources and over 100k users who all help each other to achieve the same goal, a successful and lasting online business that generates traffic naturally over time.

Large WA, Wealthy Affiliate Logo

The WA platform is a one-stop-shop for everything affiliate marketing online. Unlike most training services, Wealthy Affiliate has everything you need to create and run a successful online business. This is one of the many great aspects about WA.

Check out some of what’s included:

  • Step-by-Step Training: Literally taking you through each step of the process from website creation to potential commissions earned.
  • Free and Premium Membership Options: No Credit Card Needed for free members.
  • Always Active Community of Affiliate Entrepreneurs: Connect with like-minded people who are in the trenches, building out there brands or growing their already successful affiliate business.
  • Free Hosting: Included for all premium members
  • Affiliate Directory: Recently upgraded, this will connect you to a massive amount of affiliate products to promote, so no worries that you won’t find something.
  • Free Privacy Protection: Your information is always protected against bad actors.
  • Multiple Tools for Building Your Site: Everything you need from start to finish (I will elaborate later in the post)



Check Out This Quick Wealthy Affiliate Review Video:






Who Am I And How Did I Find Wealthy Affiliate?

My name is Darren Vincent, and I have been a welding supervisor for the past five years. I have many hobbies from ATVs, to cars, and video games. Jack of all trades, master on none. I have been blue collar my entire life until I found Wealthy Affiliate. Like most Americans, at least the ones I know, I had been drowning myself in debt for years with no real signs of ever getting out. Just a few years ago, I read a book that changed my entire outlook about money, how it was earned, and how to make it work for me.The Affiliate Pathway Founder

Ever since that day, I have been searching high and low for a way to achieve my own financial freedom. Reading numerous self-help and business books, researching all possible options that had the potential to deliver the life that I could see for myself and my family.

I had to find a way out of debt and into prosperity, but it couldn’t be just anything. I was already stretched to the limits of my budget and I wasn’t willing to take any huge risks. I have a family that depends on me to make ends meet and I just couldn’t bring myself to put us further into financial ruin on anything that I didn’t feel was a home run. I’m not much for gambling.

Real estate seemed like the best long term option, the only problem was, it was way out of my price range and comfortable risk level, so I had to find another option. I needed something cheap, and it had to be something that I could do on the side while still working my day job. I knew that people had made fortunes on the internet, but I wasn’t yet sure if, or how I may follow the same path.

Hours of research in, and I eventually I came across a company called Wealthy Affiliate. I was intrigued by the idea but it sounded too good to be true, so, like most people, I dug deeper. I searched and found a Wealthy Affiliate review, a couple a hundred actually, and they all said the same thing.

Get everything you need to start and grow your own online business with this single platform. This really sounds too good to be true, but they are offering a free membership, and I don’t need any credit card info. I figured, what the hell. The worst case scenario is that my email will get blown up with some extra spam. That’s a risk level I’m comfortable with so why not give it a shot.

Less than a week into the free membership, and I went premium. I wasn’t sure how, or if I was going to be able to make the budget work just yet, but I was going for it nonetheless. I understood that I wouldn’t see any returns for a while because it takes time to build authority for your site online, but I put my head down and got to work, planning a way to make it work. This was the only option that I was willing to risk it on.

I had my first month premium membership for only $19, but next months charge was going to be $49. This meant that I had only one month to find a way to factor this membership into my budget. After weighing my options, I decided to sell some projects I had setting around the house. An old 4×4 truck that I hoped to fix one day, and some old go cart frames, etc. I was able to get enough together, to pay off a bank loan I had that was costing my $100 a month. This was all I needed and now I actually had a little extra income to devote to other debt.

That truck had sentimental value to me, and it was the single hardest thing to get rid of. Although I hate that it’s gone, it was the best decision of my life. Here I am now, building out my business and carving out a space for myself in the online world. The income potential is limitless. I can earn as much as I decide to pursue. It is a slow process but I never quit.

I am only seven months into this business venture at the time of this writing. No, I am not making enough money to leave my job yet, but I will. My number one goal from the start of this was to earn enough so my wife could leave her job. She works a dead end job all week-long and we have a young son, with a daughter on the way. She doesn’t get to spend as much time with the family as she deserves, so I will give here that freedom first. After she is able to quit her day job, then I will pay down our debt as fast as possible, and then I will be shortly behind her.

I wrote this Wealthy Affiliate review to help you and others understand that it is legit. This is the best platform in the world for learning how to make money online as an affiliate marketer. There are flaws, as with everything in life, but the pros far outweigh the cons. Don’t neglect to take a chance on yourself, sign up for the free membership, and give it a shot at the very least.

I wish you all the success in the world,




Who Owns Wealthy Affiliate?

The founders of WA are Kyle Loudon,

WA profile, about Kyle screenshot

and Carson Lim.

WA profile, about Casrson snapshot

Carson is more of the technical guy, doing a lot of work on the back end of Wealthy Affiliate. While Kyle is responsible for the official WA training. You can reach out to both of these guys thru the platform, and YES, they will actually respond.

These guys are always looking out for our best interest, updating and upgrading the platform, and providing incredible value everywhere they go. You can even catch them in the live chat at times, helping the community, giving answers straight from the source.



Who Is Wealthy Affiliate For?

Phone says Work For It on screen

WA Is Tailored More To The Beginner Affiliate Marketer.

Experienced affiliates could take advantage of the tools and resources offered here, but the advanced individual may not learn as much from the training, with only a few exceptions. There are classrooms within WA were other members can add training themselves. This may be a great place for an advanced affiliate marketer to start looking for some extra knowledge.

From the founders, to the most advanced vets on the Wealthy Affiliate platform, it’s likely that even experienced affiliates could learn something new.

Wealthy Affiliate is NOT a done for you system.

As the old saying goes.

Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime. (Maimonides)

That’s what Wealthy Affiliate is all about, not fishing obviously, but teaching you how to create and run a successful affiliate marketing business online.

Naturally this means that you must be willing to learn and follow the steps given to you.

If you have patience, the desire to learn and succeed, and your willing to dedicate your time and energy to putting the taught skills to practice, then Wealthy Affiliate may be for you.

If your on a budget.

I started as a Free member myself and I didn’t need any credit card info to sign up. I tried out the platform for less than a week before upgrading to a premium membership because I knew that I had found what I was looking for. The premium membership is only $19 for the first month and $49 a month after that.

I could have remained a free member forever, and just used the two free websites that come with the freemium membership, but I needed more and they delivered.

Last but not least, as I mentioned earlier, WA is a one-stop-shop.

So, if you are looking to get everything you need in one place, then Wealthy Affiliate is the answer.

You will understand this more thru-out this Wealthy Affiliate review.



Who Is Wealthy Affiliate Not For?

Bear laying on a log

WA is not for you, if you are in need of some fast cash.

Fast cash with this business model is a rare occasion. You will be working for free on your business in the beginning and there is no definite timeline of when you could expect results.

Wealthy Affiliate is about building a long term business and that will take time and persistence to see results.

WA may not be for you, if you don’t enjoy the community or networking aspect of the platform.

There are many instances where you will need to interact with others on the platform. This could be part of the training or simply because you need some answers. You can contact the owners anytime, and they are usually available, but that is not guaranteed. We all lead busy lives, so you may need to rely on others from the always active community.

If you don’t enjoy writing, or not willing to try it, then WA probably isn’t for you either.

Sure, you could pay someone else to write all of your articles, but that kind of defeats the purpose of learning how to do it yourself. Remember, you must learn to fish, so that you may always have a source of food that you can utilize yourself.

Not to mention.

If you don’t understand how to write the quality content needed to rank your site’s, how will you vet the freelance writers?



Wealthy Affiliate Complaints and BBB Rating.

After 14 years in business, I would be very suspicious if WA didn’t have some complaints about them. I would also be surprised if I couldn’t find them on the BBB ( Better Business Bureau). I have combed thru all the complaints that I could find and I’m adding in some of my own.

Let’s start with the BBB.

While they are listed on there, they are not BBB accredited. Companies must apply and pay for BBB accreditation, however, they do have an A+ rating at this time, and all the customer complaints have been resolved.

Important: I feel that it’s important to mention that Wealthy Affiliate is a company based in Canada. If you were to look up Wealthy Affiliate on the BBB, you will find Wealthy Affiliate Programs in the U.S.A. This is not the same company.

In fact, Wealthy Affiliate is run under Niche Marketing Inc., as mentioned here by Kyle on the WA platform. He was responding to a question from a member about the BBB. If you would like to see more about this, click the image below to see the full details.

Notice that he mentions 670,000 people in the past 3 years (6 years from today), also notice that he answered this question 3 years ago from today. Guys, those are incredible numbers with only 10 complaints on the BBB at the time.

Of course there are more complaints than this, but not everybody uses the BBB, and I’ll be getting to those soon.

WA, Kyle's reply to BBB question

Here is a more up to date rating of Wealthy Affiliate (Niche Marketing Inc) at the Better Business Bureau website. You can also click that image to check the site for yourself. As you can see, they have come up to an A+ rating since Kyle’s comment 3 years ago.

Wealthy Affiliate BBB Report

After reviewing several of the complaints about Wealthy Affiliate on the BBB, I have found that the majority are about, refund requests being denied, people being unaware of the monthly payments for a premium membership, or no response after canceling membership.

People sign up and apparently never read about the recurring monthly payments.

I’m not sure how anybody could miss this, because it is plainly advertised when you sign up. In fact, it’s advertised all over the place, and on just about every Wealthy Affiliate review on the net. $19 for your first month if you upgrade in the first seven days, and then $49 recurring monthly after that.

WA proof of recurring payments

This one is, at least in my mind, uncalled-for. Seems pretty obvious right? Some people just can’t be bothered to read those two extra words, PER MONTH.

Just some cons of running a business I suppose, You just can’t make everybody happy.

The Refund Policy Issue, I Can Understand.

It’s buried in the Terms of Service.

To sum it up and put it in layman’s terms (my native language). There is no refund policy.

If you pay for the month and cancel your membership, the membership is over at the end of the month.

The same applies if you pay for the year or half year options, so please, understand that you must be committed to learning and building your business thru Wealthy Affiliate before upgrading to the these plans. Nobody wants to see you get exited and pay for a full year of membership, only to change your mind a month later, and lose your hard-earned money.

I tell people all the time, the process is simple, Not Easy. Test the waters with the free version first.

These rules are in the same place that every other business in the world hides’ information like that. The reality is that most people don’t want to read about it anyway, so businesses leave it up to the customer to decide by making a link to the terms of service, on a separate page.

If you would like to see the exact policy, follow the terms of service link above and go to section (4.3 Auto renewal and Cancellation).

We all know that we should read the terms of service before signing up for anything. At least we should, especially in this day and age, with so much going on online and the world being hacked all over the place.

I’m curious, how many of you actually do this and, can you think of a better method that doesn’t hurt the user experience? Let me know in the comments below.

I speed read thru it myself and I’m aware that most people won’t even give it a glance. I have been guilty of that myself in the past, and sure it may be risky, but I am fully aware that I am taking that risk.

Now, About Not Getting Answers After Canceling A Membership.

I can understand how this would be very frustrating.

One of the few complaints on the BBB was about a person who had requested, thru SiteSupport, that they have their website files transferred, so they could cancel their WA membership. SiteSupport apparently sent them incomplete files and the user was unable to reach Kyle or Carson thru email, and they lost access to SiteSupport after canceling.Caution

If I canceled my membership, and was trying to move my site to another hosting company and nobody would respond or they gave me incomplete files, I wouldn’t be very happy. Especially after a couple of weeks.

I can’t say I blame this person for trying to hold WA accountable, however, Kyle and Carson did eventually resolve the issue by re-opening his account so that he could get back in touch with SiteSupport.

In Wealthy Affiliate’s defense, you should still have 30 days to transfer your websites if you decide to cancel membership. Judging from the complaint, it sounds like this person may have waited until after this time period to bother checking the files.

Now, The Wealthy Affiliate Complaints Not Found On The BBB.



Wealthy Affiliate Complaint #1.

Big Claims Of Success With No Supporting Evidence.

This is one of those unfounded claims and complaints. I can see, to some extent, how it may be hard to find rock solid evidence to support the fact that you can earn a full time income with Wealthy Affiliate. Not everyone posts up their earning reports for the world to see. Would You? That being said, there are ample amounts of proof all over the internet, from testimonials and success stories within the platform, to the websites themselves that anybody can check traffic data on with the right tool. Tools such as SEMrush or SimilarWeb snd I’m sure there are others.

Here’s Some Proof, Found Only On Wealthy Affiliate.

Here is a list of the Top 75 Wealthy Affiliate Success Stories.

While many don’t show proof of income, I will show a couple that do so that you can see it is possible. Whether you consider these as success proof is up to you. I would say that making any money online from a business that you created from the ground up is a success, and this success can be grown to new heights’ year in and year out with consistent effort.

First up, Jessica

Click the image to see the full story and profit report.

Swangirl WA Success Story

Next up, Craig from Chicago

Craig is earning his commissions with an Amazon niche site. Again, follow the image link for the full story and profits report.

Craig's Success Story

Now this would count as a big claim, WA member Ralph says he earned Six Figures by the end of 2018 and plans to hit the 200k mark by the end of 2019. He doesn’t offer the so called Proof that the critics are looking for, but nonetheless, it’s an inspiring success story that was achieved thanks to Wealthy Affiliate. Just like the rest, click the image link below to see the full story.

Ralph's Success Story



Wealthy Affiliate Complaint #2.

Rubber Ducks Everywhere

Advertising Methods Are Always Positive And There Are To Many Affiliates.

What can I say about this one. If the program works, it works. And most people naturally want to help others to achieve the same or greater success in their lives.

Rising tides lift all boats.

While that is true for the most part, I get it, there are a ton of overwhelmingly positive Wealthy Affiliate reviews all over the internet. Even now, as I cover the complaints about WA from others and myself, I still hold the platform in high esteem and this is a positive review.

The reason that there are so many Wealthy Affiliate reviews in general, is because WA teaches you how to promote their platform. When you sign up, you will be walked thru the set up process and asked to choose your niche. They recommend, as do I, that you choose something your either knowledgeable about already or passionate enough to learn as you build your site.

Then, if your having trouble choosing a niche to dive into, WA suggests that you promote their platform. This leads to overwhelmingly positive reviews everywhere, and makes it hard to decipher the honest reviews, from the just pay me now mindsets.

I don’t disagree, that this could be an issue. Not because of the amount of Wealthy Affiliate reviews, but because of the potential for misinformation from new users, or the lack of a quality review from inexperienced affiliate marketers.

This complaint obviously can’t be disproved or shot down entirely.

The fact is, Wealthy Affiliate is a great platform for learning how to start affiliate marketing for beginners, and it works if you stick to it. It is highly likely, that only quality reviews will reach the top of the search results, and that is where most of us will find our information when doing research. The lesser Wealthy Affiliate reviews will be lost in the SERPS anyway.



Wealthy Affiliate Complaint #3.

Man racing motocross

Wealthy Affiliate Has No Competition.

This is probably my favorite complaint of them all. The user who posted this one suggests, that because Wealthy Affiliate has no real competition, it is less likely to strive for advances in the respective field.

It’s true that WA doesn’t have any real competition that can offer everything they do in one place, but there is still some similar sites out there that do compete, even if their platforms may require more work to see the same results.

Even though they dominate the affiliate marketing education niche, they do still strive for updates and advance their systems and services regularly. It actually comes with the added advantage of time. They can take their time when implementing updates, and this means more testing before final release, and that translates to a smooth transition to the upgraded features.

For Example: WA took 2 years working on their recent affiliate directory update. The directory is essentially your one stop shop for affiliate products. No need to leave the platform anymore, just search for your desired products, and follow links to the merchant. ClickBank, Saleshare, JVzoo, and many others are among the affiliate merchants that you may find searching thru the directory.

It works flawlessly because they had the time to work out the bugs before releasing the update. Yet another great feature that adds to the one stop shop model. The image below is of the affiliate program search I just mentioned and its found only on Wealthy Affiliate.

WA affiliate directory



Wealthy Affiliate Complaint #4. This Is A Big One.

You can NOT downgrade to a free membership after signing up for a premium membership.

Now this one bothers me some as well, and I can only understand this decision to a certain extent, but I don’t agree with or endorse it.

I suppose the idea behind this could be, if you have already tried premium and decided to leave, then you will be willing to pay to come back. Maybe they do this because, it would be such a pain to revert your premium account to the freemium model.

I can understand that your paid website domains would need to be moved to another hosting service, because you only get 2 free siterubix websites as a free member. That much makes since to me.

What I don’t yet understand, is why we couldn’t revert to free membership, if we simply gave up all premium access.

I get that this is a business as well, so perhaps, they don’t want members to take full advantage of the premium features only to revert back to the free model and keep all the added knowledge without paying for access to the rest of the amazing resources.

Who knows. What do you think about it? Do you agree or disagree with this policy and can you think of a better way to impliment a similar policy? Let me know in the comments below.



Wealthy Affiliate Complaint #5. This One Is Mine.

The Free For All Comments Should Have Training Pinned To The Top.WordPress comments Option

Your probably wondering what in the world I’m talking about.

As you follow the WA training, you will be tasked with leaving a link to your recent posts, within the comments on certain posts inside Wealthy Affiliate. The idea is that, you can leave someone a comment on their website, and they will return the favor.

Sometimes people just won’t return the favor for whatever reason, and sometimes, the comments are so low quality that it’s not worth approving them for your post.

I have personally experienced the power of a quality comment, as one of my posts has moved to the first page of Google SERPs, thanks to that one comment and response.

What do I mean by quality?

When giving and receiving comments, it’s important to keep them relevant and engaging. Ask questions about the product or service. Find something that you don’t understand and ask the author to clarify.

Don’t give generic comments like, man that was great, or you did a good job explaining that.

There is a member inside of WA who has created training for this very topic, and I feel that it should be pinned to the top of every single comment thread inside of WA.

As a matter of fact, it should be required reading before you are allowed to post comments.

Then there would be, no excuse.

I myself have left low quality comments in the past because I was still learning the ropes. This single training changed all of that, and now I understand the full power of quality comments on your website.

If you would like to see the full training for yourself, click the image below.

This is Robert, and he will be your guide thru the do’s and don’t’s of quality comments.

Wealthy Affiliate Member Training



#6 The Last Wealthy Affiliate Complaint For This Review.

Countries Map

Not everyone has access to the free membership.

Depending on where you are in the world, you may have noticed that you cannot sign up for a free Wealthy Affiliate account.

This is because WA blocks users from certain countries to protect the community. As we all know by now, there are certain countries who have extremely high volumes of spam and fraud coming from them consistently.

Most will still be able to sign up for a premium membership if they are truly interested in the platform, with the exception of one, noted below.

It’s really a shame that we have to lose so many potential community members because of some bad actors, but it seems the best option to protect us against the fraudsters out there, and I agree with this decision.

Here is a list, in no certain order, and only the one is banned completely.

Countries Banned From Wealthy Affiliate:

  1. Kenya
  2. Egypt
  3. India
  4. Bangladesh
  5. Philippines
  6. Morocco
  7. Ghana
  8. Vietnam
  9. Nigeria – Sorry, if you live here, you can not sign up for a free or premium membership with WA.

Now that all of these complaints are out of the way. Let’s get more into what makes Wealthy Affiliate my top recommended affiliate training for beginners.



Wealthy Affiliate And All It Has To Offer

As I have stated several times already, WA is a one stop shop for everything online affiliate marketing. Now I want to give you the all-inclusive tour of everything that Wealthy Affiliate has to offer. This is the best way for any newcomer to see the full benefits of having a WA membership. This is why I started a Wealthy Affiliate review in the first place. There is a lot to cover, so bear with me.



Let’s start from the beginning.

How To Sign Up For A Wealthy Affiliate Free Membership:

Free membership is one of the many great benefits to a new user on WA. This gives you the freedom to try before you buy. Other sites will have you sign up for a, 7-30 day free trial, that requires your credit card information up front. Then, at the end of the trial, you start being charged for their membership.

A lot of these business understand that we all lead busy lives and we may sometimes forget to go back and cancel the free trial before it expires. They use this to their advantage. If you fail to cancel that free trail, then naturally, you will be billed for the membership. Then, provided the company has a refund policy, you could request a refund and wait for whatever time frame they decide.

Sometimes you could wait up to a month to get your money back. That could be a bad situation if you needed that money and simply forgot to cancel a trail. Now your money is basically loaned to that company and there is nothing else you can do but wait.

Wealthy Affiliate does not require any credit card info to sign up for a free membership. Zero Financial Info Needed.

The image below is everything you will need to get started, you can click the image to see for yourself. Upon arriving at Wealthy Affiliate, just enter your email address and press get started to be taken to this sign up page.

Wealthy Affiliate Sign Up page



What Do Free Wealthy Affiliate Members Get Access To?

I’m glad you asked. I’ll explain what you get for Signing Up For The Free Wealthy Affiliate Membership now.

Two Free Websites: FREE!!! No Cost To You

  • Hosted By SiteRubix: The domain will have siterubix at the end. (Example:

SiteRubix is WA’s unique building and hosting platform. This feature eliminates almost all the technical aspects of building a website. Even a complete beginner can easily follow the instructions, and have a site up and running with the click of a button.

SiteRubix is also fully integrated with the WordPress platform. In case your not familiar with WordPress, over 75 Million websites are based on this platform. They also have over 55 thousand plugins.

Plugins will give you a multitude of options for customizing the look, feel, and functionality of your website. From pop-ups to star ratings and speed increase to navigation.

  • 5GB Of Website Space: ( Plenty of room to grow your free website)

The only way I can think of to explain this without getting technical is this. It’s how much content you can place on your website. Content meaning text, images, etc, etc.

  • Bandwidth To Handle Up To 500k Visitors At Once: ( This should handle as much traffic as you can throw at it)

Again, without getting technical. This is how you ensure that you website is performing fast, even if you are getting a lot of visitors to your site.

  • Daily Website Backups: (Never worry about you messing up you website, just have it restored with a backup)

This ensures that you will always have a backup, or a copy, of your website’s important components. Everything from plugins, databases, code files, and images.

  • BotNet Security: (Avoid viruses)Security camera

This is basically malware and it protects against cyber criminals using your computer for their nefarious purposes.

  • Enterprise Security: ( Your data is always secure)

This is how WA will protect your systems and data

  • Staging Environment: (Test alterations to your site before going live with them)

With staging, you can have an exact copy of your site hosted elsewhere, and make changes to the site without altering the original. The point of this, is to fine tune your websites without the risk of destroying anything, and to test the tweaks before sending it to production.

WA offers this feature, however, it is not set up for easy access. If you wish to use staging, you will need to contact Site Support and have them copy your site to another domain while you make the adjustments. After you are done, and satisfied with the results, contact them again to have your main site updated with the changes.

  • Full Redundancy: ( Even if your website was to go down, there will be an exact copy ready to replace it at a moments notice)

This one could easily be confused as a backup. Backups and Full Redundancy are two separate things. Backups, as I mentioned above, copy and store you data in case of loss.

Full Redundancy is an exact copy of your site, live, ready to replace your site so that your visitors never see any downtime.

  • Read, Like, and Follow Blogs: (Just like it sounds, you can read blogs and follow members within WA)

Access to two Separate Training Courses:

  • Affiliate BootCamp: The first 10 lessons of phase 1. ( This is the course to promote Wealthy Affiliate)

By the end of phase one, you will

  • Have a niche
  • Have a website up and running
  • Get a feel for the framework of your website back office
  • Understand what SEO is
  • Know the idea behind creating quality content

Click on the image below to get started.

WA Boot camp training series

Online Certification: The first 10 lessons of level 1. ( Choose your own niche here)

Same as before, by the end of level 1, you will

  • Have a niche
  • Get a website up and running
  • Understand what SEO is
  • Get a feel for the framework of your website back office
  • know the idea behind creating quality content

The difference here is that you will be working to promote a niche product of your choosing.

WA Online Entrepreneur Certification Training

Access to two Separate Classrooms:

  • Getting Started: (read only)
  • WA Affiliate Program: (read only)

WA Classroom Training

Jaaxy Keyword Tool: (30 free searches) Check out my article about this tool.

Site Manager: Access your websites and information

Site Manager

This is a snapshot of your website, coupled with some useful information about your site.

The manager will tell you:

  • Your last update or backup date
  • The number of pages and posts currently on your site
  • How many approved and pending comments there are on your site
  • What version of WordPress you are currently running
  • If your site has been indexed by Google
  • That your site is being monitored and protected

Site Builder: Build your website from scratch

Site Builder

WA Site Builder Options

Site Domains: Get a new domain, update or transfer existing domains to WA

Site Domains

Site Content: All in one writing platform (This is the crowd pleaser)

Site Content

I am literally using the Site Content feature to bring you this incredibly in depth content. It’s the crowd favorite for most new users as it makes writing, inserting images, and creating content a breeze.

This is how you will manage every page or post that you create within Wealthy Affiliate. Everything is neatly organized and easy to understand.

The features of this feature:

My Content: Page where you can view published or unpublished articles, and create new articles from scratch.

  • Buckets: Create buckets to further organize your articles into categories by niche, keyword, whatever you decide.

Writing Stats: Set and track writing goals and reflect on how far you’ve come, or have to go .

  • Writing Level: This is a level based on how many words you have written
  • Word Count Goal: You decide this goal and then work to achieve it
  • Publish Article Goal: You also decide this goal and track it here
  • Google Indexed: How many articles you have published and had indexed by Google within the time frame listed above

Templates: Create writing templates for whatever you like, and the next time you begin writing, you can simply fill in the content areas.

Site Content Editor

As you can see, it also comes fully equip with a multitude of great content creation tools to simplify the process.

For those who aren’t aware of what the button icons mean, I’ll list them from left to right.

  • H1: Large heading tag
  • H2: Medium heading tag
  • H3: Small heading tag
  • P: Paragraph text
  • B: Bold
  • i: Italic
  • U: Underline
  • Align: Align content left, middle, or right
  • Link: Create links
  • Lists: Create numbered or un-ordered bullet points
  • Line: Place a line across the page
  • Image insert/search: Search thousands of royalty free images or upload your own
  • Spelling & Grammar Checker: This one is obvious and incredibly helpful for catching mistakes that you may have missed, However, the grammar check is definitely off sometimes.

Last but not least for WA free members:

  • Profile: You may update and edit your WA profile

Free members will also have limited access for the first 7 days to:

  • 1 On 1 Mentorship: Accountability
  • Community Access: Jump into live chat and introduce yourself to the always helpful community

Bonus: Work With Me

As an added bonus, whenever you sign up through my affiliate link, I will become your mentor on the platform. I will work with and help you any way I can.

As you can see, Wealthy Affiliate offers a lot of value, even for free users. Just wait to see the premium advantage.

Before we move on, why not check out the Official Wealthy Affiliate Walk Though Video below. Simply click the image and scroll down until you see the video, then press play. Enjoy.

WA first training video snapshot

That wraps up the freemium advantages to new users.

Now what about the premium members?

Again, I’m glad you asked.



What Do Wealthy Affiliate Premium Members Get Access To?

When you go premium, you unlock the full power of the entire WA platform. Let’s dig in

WA Free vs Premium Graph

I’ll cover each added benefit starting from the top and working my way down.

Live Community: If you are the social type, then this is a great time to start networking. If your not, then you may still need to rely on others, every now and then to help you through. Better to seek help than to give up and quit.

While free members will only have access to this for the first seven days, you will enjoy full access to the live, thriving, and always helpful community anytime. Don’t be afraid to reach out in the live chat if you need help with anything.

Provided that nobody can answer your question in the chat, the next best option is to search related questions in the search bar at the top middle of your WA home page.

If that also fails (unlikely), try creating a question for others to see at their convenience. Simply click on your profile image in the top left corner of the WA home screen. Click my profile, then click questions in the top middle of the screen. Now type your question in the designated box, also at the top of the screen.

Private Message Members: Free members are not allowed to send private messages to other members of the community, but you can with your premium account. This gives you yet another advantage to be utilized. Communicate directly with the WA members for whatever your needs may be.

Multiple Websites: 50 Websites!!!!! That’s crazy. Not that crazy for Wealthy Affiliate, seeing as they are always providing extraordinary value across all avenues. As premium members, we can have up to 50 websites hosted on WA at any one time.Online Trasaction

25 Free sites and 25 Premium domains, all at no extra cost, minus the premium domains obviously. You purchase the domain but the hosting is absolutely free.

Website Security Package: It’s a great feeling to know that your site is always being protected. You can sleep easy at night knowing that WA is keeping the bad guys away from your site with several layers of security and their extensive background in the field.

Affiliate Bootcamp: Now your ready to get the show started. Premium members have access to all 7 phases of the affiliate bootcamp. Each has 10 lessons inside bringing the total to 70 lessons in just this one training course.

Each lesson is set up with tasks that you need to complete before moving forward. By checking these tasks as complete, your progress will automatically be stored, and makes picking up where you left off a breeze. It’s just a click away to get straight back to work.

Online Entrepreneur Certification ( Not mentioned in the list above): Just like the bootcamp series of training, you will also have full access to the OEC courses. There are 5 levels, with 10 lessons each, bringing this total to 50 training lessons to make money online in any niche of your choosing. Both courses are set up with tasks to complete as you move through the training, that make it easy to get back to work.

Live Webinars: Another one of my personal favorites. Live weekly webinars with Jay Neill, aka magistudios within Wealthy Affiliate. Jay has been at WA for at least 12 years now and he has over 365 training lessons posted. He is incredibly knowledgeable and helpful to all members, and he’s our host every week for the one-hour live training, where we get to ask questions at the end and interact as we go.

I have learned a lot of incredibly valuable information from Jay since following him only 6 months ago. As an added bonus, every live webinar is recorded and posted on WA so premium members can go back and watch the replay, just in case you miss it.

If there is one thing to learn about Jay Neill, and most of the community agrees, when he insists you do something a certain way to see results, you listen. He is an expert in the field, after at least 12 successful years online, how could he not be?

Jaaxy Keyword Tool: My favorite tool on the WA platform, Jaaxy is an incredibly powerful keyword research tool that delivers only the necessary data, to determine if keywords are worth pursuing. Premium members get the Jaaxy Lite Jaaxy keyword research tool logo

package, which gives you unlimited keyword searches and results. I have an entire article dedicated to Jaaxy, if you would like to read it, follow this link.

The Light version of jaaxy does have some limitations, such as the site rank feature only checking the first pages of search engines, and you manually have to click Get QSR to see the results for your keyword searches. I’ll explain this below.

Jaaxy has a multitude of great functions that we as premium members get to utilize daily. Some of these functions are as follows:

  • Site Rank: This allows us to check on our content performance. Simply enter a keyword and the website URL to get results. You can also check up on the competition using this, and we can set Jaaxy to automatically track the keywords we searched. Adjust the setting to decide how frequently to track those keywords.

As mentioned above, there are limitations. The Lite package only allows us to see the first page results of the search engines and there is a limit to how many times you can automatically track keywords.

Even with these limitations, this is the best keyword research tool on the market, and it’s included with the WA premium package. How cool is that?

  • Keywords: This one is obvious. It is a keyword research tool after all. But what data do you get from the search results?

Jaaxy research tool snapshot

I’ll explain what everything means from left to right. There is more in depth training on WA about how to use this tool effectively.

  • Keyword: This is the list of keywords related to your search
  • Avg: The average number of searches per month for this specific keyword phrase
  • Traffic: Possible traffic to your website if you achieve first page rankings in the SERPs
  • QSR: Quoted Search Results or the number of competing websites ranked for that search phrase
  • KQI: Keyword Quality Indicator or a color coded system to indicate if this keyword is worth pursuing
  • SEO: A score derived from the traffic and competition. The higher the number between 1-100, the more likely you can rank for this keyword
  • Domains: Related domain names that are available for purchase

Jaaxy keyword tool features

  • Alphabet Soup: The alphabet soup function will take your keyword and give an entire list of suggestion from a-z about other possible keyword phrases that may be relevant to your research.
  • Saved Lists: Create multiple lists and save keywords to them for easy access in the future. This is very helpful when searching various terms related to the same niche and you want to compare the data between them.
  • Search History: Just like it sounds, this will keep track of your recent search history, is case you need to back track to a previous keyword phrase
  • Search Analysis: Extremely useful when checking out the competition. A quick search for any keyword will bring back a list of results for the top pages that are ranked for that keyword.

The data is a huge time saver. Once again, everything you need in one place. Word count, links on site, back links, etc. Everything needed to help decide if it’s worth pursuing or just to give you an idea of what goals you need to work toward.

Jaaxy search analysis results

  • Brainstorm: This allows you to compile a list of ideas that you would like to research. After you have the list, simply click the brainstorm tab and select the keyword. A list will be generated promptly with all the same data as mentioned above.

All Classrooms: There are 13 separate classrooms, each focused on a specific topic, and offering a range of training. From video courses to tutorials and webinars to discussions, you are bound to find whatever you need help with here.

Affiliate Program: As you already know, because I mentioned this at the start of this post, Wealthy Affiliate does have an affiliate program and I am an affiliate. As a premium member, I will earn more, than if I had a free account.

You will notice in the image below, at the top of the image, it says 300 sales to go. Wealthy Affiliate has a program, where if you can refer 300 hundred people for the year to a premium membership, they will fly you out to Las Vegas, all expenses paid, to meet up with Kyle and Carson themselves plus the other members who achieved the same accolade. You will get some inside knowledge about upcoming events and insider news about Wealthy Affiliate.

How much will I earn exactly? I’ll show you in the image below.

Wealthy Affiliate commission structure

Free members will only earn half as much for each referral. That is still enough to earn your premium membership expense though.

1 On 1 Coaching: Anyone can be your coach though the WA training. Simply reach out anytime.

Private Access To The Owners: Premium members will have direct access to the owners of Wealthy Affiliate.

Year round Website Support: Whatever you need, that’s related to your site or membership, is covered by the amazing support team. Just send out a ticket and wait for the response.

Feedback Platform: Feedback on your site can go a long way in making you a successful online entrepreneur. Just keep in mind that it’s constructive criticism, so don’t get bent out of shape if you hear something you don’t like or agree with. The majority of members will always be very polite and respectful. We are all working hard to earn as we learn, and we all understand the process. You must start somewhere. Just don’t misunderstand the constructive feedback as being critical of your hard work.

This is set up on a pay it forward system. You leave quality feedback to others and earn credits for doing so. Use those credits to request feedback on your sites next.

Comment Platform: This can be a huge advantage to your post rankings. Every comment adds content, and content gets ranked. Quality comments is where it’s at though.

This is set up just like the feedback platform, pay it forward.

Website Analysis: This one was actually covered by the Jaaxy keyword tool mentioned above.

Now that we have covered everything I can think of about a free and premium membership at Wealthy Affiliate, I think it’s time we move on to a few frequently asked questions before I bring this Wealthy Affiliate Review to a close.



Wealthy Affiliate FAQ:

Wealthy Affiliate FAQ

Can you make money as a starter member at Wealthy Affiliate?

  • Absolutely, it’s even encouraged. Many free members have earned enough income from their free websites to invest in a premium membership, and the commissions only grow from there.

Can I still be successful if my computer skills aren’t that great?

  • Yes. You don’t need extensive computer skills to be successful online, I’m proof of that, plus the Wealthy Affiliate platform simplifies the entire process from start to finish. However, you will need a desire to improve your skills over time, because you will still be responsible for your own business. This is not a done for you system. It’s an education platform that will teach you the necessary skills to running a successful affiliate website.

Do I have to quit my day job to create and manage my own website?

  • No you don’t. Most people, including myself, keep our day jobs while we build out our online business. You can work on this at your own pace. You are the boss. If you stay consistent and follow the training, you may eventually be able to leave that day job when your ready, and then, you are the only boss you answer to.

Is Wealthy Affiliate better than the competition?

  • Hands down. You will not find another platform that can offer everything that you will get at WA.

If my friend and I share a computer, can I still refer them to Wealthy Affiliate?

  • No you can’t. This will actually get you banned from WA. There was an issue in the past where people were signing up a bunch of fake accounts, so they decided to stop allowing this. However, if you reach out to support before referring your friend, they will likely approve the request. Just be sure to check in so you don’t get locked out.

How much money can I make and how fast can I make it?

  • Who knows? The possibilities are endless and there are far to many variables to make a prediction like that. Provided that you are motivated, persistent, and follow the training. You will eventually make money as you grow out your brand. The limits are up to you. How far will you go? How much do you want to earn?

Is it really possible to create a business around my passion?

    • Of course. There are millions of affiliate products out there and those numbers are growing every day. It’s just a matter of doing your due diligence and researching where those affiliate products are. It’s always encouraged that you be passionate about the niche you decide to pursue.



Have You Decided Yet?

Success Key

I hope that you have enjoyed this Ultimate Wealthy Affiliate Review, and that this has helped you to see the awesome power of the platform. I have included as much relevant information as possible to leave no stone upturned. There are many ways to make money online. However, if your a beginner, you likely need help to learn the ropes. As I have proven throughout this review, Wealthy Affiliate has everything you could need to create the financial, and time freedom you deserve.

It was a great pleasure for me, to deliver the facts to you about WA and what it has to offer. Don’t waste anymore time procrastinating. Sign up for your free membership now and build your dream lifestyle. The only way onto the platform is through an affiliate link, and I’m giving you the key. Use It.

I wish you the best of luck. Always keep pushing forward and persist to see your goals achieved.

To Your Success,

DarrenThe Affiliate Pathway logo

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18 thoughts on “The Ultimate Wealthy Affiliate Review (Everything You Need To Know)”

  1. This is an extremely informative review of Wealthy Affiliate.  Also the quick start guide makes it easy to access the information desired.

    Good outline of how to get started with Wealthy Affiliates.  Using video also helps to expain your points in detail and an understandable way.

    Explaining your own journey and experience with Wealthy Affiliate is an important way to give prospective affiliates the confidence that it can be done.  You are doing many people a service in this review so that they can make a decision based on facts.  Thanks so much.

    • Thank You for reading this review,

      I’m glad you found the quick start guide useful. I decided to code that in myself instead of using a plugin. It required a little trial and error, but I believe it was worth it in the long run. Win Win situation. I get to learn a little more about coding for fun, and you get to the information you need faster.

      I agree about the video’s. I feel that I retain the information better by getting to, not only read the training, but watch it in action. Every step is laid out in front of you, in an easy to follow format, with the choice as to how you would like to learn the material. I enjoy both reading and watching the content, but sometimes the video explanation brings everything into perspective a little better than text for me.

      I am honored that feel that I am doing many people a service. I feel compelled to express this opportunity to whoever is searching for it. Not for monetary gain, but because I took the leap of faith in the same type of offer when I found Wealthy Affiliate myself, and it has made all the difference for me. As I have already expressed, my returns are not yet significant, but they will be.

      I am patient and persistent. That, coupled with the skills that I am learning daily from WA, will earn me the lifestyle that my family, and myself, deserve.

      Thank You again,

      To Your Success,


  2. Hi Darren,

    This the most comprehensive Wealthy Affiliate review l ever read. I endorse everything you mentioned in this review that Wealthy Affiliate is the very best platform providing all the features (training, tool, and support ) you need to succeed in your online business endeavor. Every year Wealthy Affiliate has produced thousands of successful entrepreneurs.

    One thing l like most is the friendly and helpful community. I have acquired plenty of business knowledge from the experts who have walked the path before me. The Open Education Project concept adopted by the community is truly commendable as the members create training and providing helpful advice as ”Pay It Forward ” to the community.

    I was taught by Wealthy Affiliate and presently running a money making an online business. If you’re serious in starting an online business, l strongly recommend you to join Wealthy Affiliate.

    Best Wishes.

    • Thank You for reading this review,

      It was indeed a very comprehensive article on Wealthy Affiliate.

      You are absolutely right about the friendly and helpful community at WA. I have also learned many business skills and much knowledge from our members. My all time favorite, so far, is the weekly live training with Jay Neill.

      Every Friday, we get to listen in on his live training, and at the end, pick his brain for any questions we may have on the topic. He’s boasting 12 years with Wealthy Affiliate this year, and is one of the many renown success stories within the platform. If by chance you miss the live training with Jay, you can always watch the replay, because every session is recorded so that we may refer back to it anytime.

      Yet another way, that WA, add tremendous value to the online affiliate world.

      Thanks again

      Best Wishes,


  3. You’ve given me a lot to ponder over today looking at the comprehensive information you’ve provided on Wealthy Affiliate. To be honest, I couldn’t digest all the information and would find time to get to the bottom of all that you’ve shared about Wealthy Affiliate. I’ve read from several online marketers that Affiliate marketing is by far the most rewarding business one could ever own and that I’m all in for it but having a good training platform is relevant to set the path straight. 

    All that you’ve shared about Wealthy Affiliate leaves no doubt on my mind that it’s a great place to start especially for newbies. Before I complete the whole article on my second read, I would like to know from your own experience how long it takes for one starting from scratch to make a consistent income?

    • Thanks for reading my review, as much as you could. It is a lot to take in with just one read. I wanted to cover everything that anyone should know about Wealthy Affiliate, and I gave the option at the beginning, to jump anywhere in the post that may be relevant to information needed.

      To answer your question, I can’t say.

      That is a very common question, not just for affiliate marketing, but anything online business related. It’s also one of the toughest questions to give an accurate answer to.

      The best answer is, it depends completely on you, and how much you are willing to work for it. You will either hold yourself back, or persist until your eventual success. The time-line is a goal for you to set, and work to achieve.

      I don’t feel comfortable setting a time value on consistent income, because there are far too many variables that come into play when considering this.

      For instance:

      How many hours a week will you work consistently on your affiliate site? Consistently publishing quality content has been proven, time and time again, to lead to success in shorter time spans. But this leads to the next question.

      How are your writing skills, and will your content, be “quality content”, every time you post? Quality content, is yet another key factor in determining your overall success online. Whatever your “content” is, it should be helpful to your audience by answering questions and concerns, providing value, being social, etc. etc. There are many factors to quality content by itself, and this leads to the next question.

      Will your content rank well in the search engines? This will largely be determined by both of the previous questions, but also includes your chosen niche, your keyword research, and many other factors determined by the search engines that are completely out of our control. Targeting a highly competitive niche, or keywords at the start of your new business, will make it challenging to earn a consistent income within a short time frame. Not impossible, just more challenging.

      I can go on and on, but there are to many variables to cover and I’m not a pro by any stretch. I can only offer some relative information here and I make absolutely no promises to anyone.

      There are many stories within the Wealthy Affiliate platform alone, that offer some insight to the possibilities. One member wrote a blog, about how they were able to see their first returns, within the first three months. Doesn’t mention if it was consistent or not, but it’s proof that you could see results sooner than you think.

      Some members have worked for over a year before seeing consistent returns.

      Another member mentioned three years without a single penny. I would have changed my approach, before getting that far, without results.

      There are hundreds, if not thousands, of stories on Wealthy Affiliate that give proof in all directions. Many of these success stories express the same thing that I do, follow the training, and it will work. When? Only you can decide that.

      Some helpful tips if you decide to start your online business through affiliate marketing. Choose a niche that you are passionate about and/or knowledgeable about. Find the low hanging fruit (less competitive) keywords that are relevant to your niche. Always produce content with your audience in mind, it’s about helping others. If you decide to go with WA, and I highly recommend you do, Stick To The Training.

      I’m sorry that I can’t give you a definitive answer on this one, I just don’t feel it would be right for me to give you a time-frame when I don’t have the necessary information.

      Again, Thanks for reading this review and may you finish it on your second read.

      To Your Success,


  4. Hi Darren, it took me a while to get through this article, but it was well worth the reading. You have given information and all the answers to my questions. The diagrams are also very helpful. It is a very frank discussion of all that could happen if I were a member , even conflict resolution. What, do you think, are the main challenges for anyone trying an online business for the first time and how does this platform overcome these ?

    • First off, Thank You for reading my full Wealthy Affiliate review, I know it was a long one with a lot to take in. 

      Second, that is an excellent question and worth a full article at a later date, but for now, I will do my best to answer this in the comments. There are many that could be covered, so I will give the top three that Wealthy Affiliate solved for me, and maybe you can relate.

      I would say the top challenge for many beginners including myself, would be, not having the knowledge and related skills to create an online business. Everyone needs to start somewhere, and it’s hard to get started without that knowledge and skill set.

      Wealthy Affiliate solves this through their training platform. It’s all step by step, with both video and text to guide you through the process from start to finish. If for any reason, you don’t fully understand the training, you can always reach out to the community, or the founders themselves, to get clarification. This training was designed for beginners, to learn and create everything they need from scratch.

      The second challenge on this list would be, the cost of getting started. I also relate to this one as I could barely afford to get started myself. I actually chose to sell some prized possessions, so that I could afford to pay off a loan, and that gave me the opportunity to pay the monthly membership fees. It was a tough choice, but well worth it, and one that I would make again. The loan cost me $100 a month. After paying that off, I was able to get the premium WA membership for only $49.

      Wealthy Affiliate will actually solve this challenge in two ways.

      First, anyone can get started for FREE. Literally no money out of your pocket unless you decide to upgrade to premium. I started as a free member myself and then decided that the value was, most definitely worth the extra investment. Free members will still have everything they need to get started, and if your resourceful enough or already experienced, you can use the two free websites to start earning an income online. With this type of offer, cost should never stop someone from trying. It’s Literally Free.

      Second, the premium membership is only $49 a month. This is $588 a year, or $1.62 a day. For less than a cup of coffee a day, anyone can start learning how to make an income online. Even better, you can opt for the yearly package at $359. This breaks down to around $0.10 cents a day. That’s insanely cheap for the incredible value that they continually deliver.

      Last, but no least.

      There are a number of resources that are needed to run a successful online business. Many, may not fully understand this, and I wasn’t completely aware myself when I got started. I understood that there had to be more to it, than just starting a website and posting up some random content, but I didn’t understand the full scope of everything that is required to make it online.

      For instance: Where will your site be hosted? How will you create your content? What tool will you use for keyword research? What about your site security, etc., etc.? The list goes on.

      Lucky for me, I found Wealthy Affiliate, early in my trial and error stage. After going through the free training and learning more about the platform, I realized what was necessary, and that it was all offered at WA. Truly, everything you need in one place to be successful online. I feel very fortunate that I didn’t have to waste thousands, on other platforms that only offer some of these necessities.

      I could go on and on, but I think this covers the top three pretty well. You may keep an eye out for another article that covers this more in depth later. I’m adding new content weekly. 

      Again, Thanks for reading my review, and I hope this has answered your question.

      To Your Success,


  5. Wealthy Affiliate is an exceptional platform and community and I appreciate a thorough review here. I agree that the WA platform is a one-stop-shop for all your affiliate marketing needs as it has everything well organized in one concise location. Not only does tech support respond in a timely manner, there is always someone in the community around to help should anyone need. This is an easy to use platform with lots of training and reference points, highly recommended for those reading here. Great post! 

    • Thank You,

      I spent many hours compiling the data for this review and did my best to organize it so that nothing was left out. I want others to see the power of Wealthy Affiliate, and hopefully this review gets the point across, that there is nothing like this platform on the net. I enjoyed putting this together and hope that it will help many find their way to WA.

      There really is nothing to loose by giving it a shot, thanks to the try before you buy option. This one option is something that many other platforms simply refuse to offer. That means giving out your credit card info up-front, and hoping that you can get it back at the end of the trial, if you don’t like what they had to offer.

      You just can’t beat that, not to mention everything else that WA does to provide value that makes them top notch, as discussed in this review.

      To Your Success,


  6. Hi Darren
    Your review is long indeed (lol) but very comprehensive and up to date but you also made a great article about a great platform out there for whoever would like to become an affiliate marketer and they don’t know where to start from this is the right place.
    Thanks for the great review

    • Hey Corina,

      Thank You, that was my overall goal with this review. Anyone looking to start affiliate marketing online as a beginner will hopefully benefit a lot from this. I want others to see the power under the hood of this race car that is Wealthy Affiliate. I can never really say enough about the platform, as it delivers, in virtually every aspect that we as affiliate marketers need. I listed my only complaint in the post, and that is very minimal in my mind. Nothing is perfect but WA is close enough, for myself and many others.

      To Your Success,

  7. Hi Darren, without doubt the most comprehensive review of wealthy Affiliate I have ever seen, to me this platform is the one stop shop for affiliate marketers and all other online marketers.

    I do a lot of reviews on online business products and as yet I have not found anything that gives me the value that WA gives me. I have noticed that there is always new features and training being constantly added, but they never up sell anything. It keeps getting better but my membership fee never goes up. I have not found that to be the case anywhere else

    Your review covers every aspect of this platform in great detail, well done for making it so comprehensive in every detail, I think the world is changing and more and more people are tuning to the internet to learn skills and get educated, rather than pay thousands of dollars for a traditional education. I have never looked back since joining.



    • Hi Barry,

      Thank You for the compliments. I had to make sure to cover as much as possible about the platform in this single review. I want others, who are flirting with the idea of creating their own online business, to understand that Wealthy Affiliate has everything they need in one place. No need to find another source for hosting your websites, pay extra for security features, or worry about a toxic community where you will not be welcomed with open arms. From start to finish, Wealthy Affiliate has everything, that anyone, could ever need to learn how to create an online business with the affiliate marketing model.

      You are absolutely right about the consistent updates and features, and no, they have not raised the price once, or pushed us to buy another product in order to see success online. Everything we need is included for the one low cost. Even if we use the monthly plan at $49, that still equals out to less than $2 a day. Its incredible value at, an incredible price, and it gets better. By choosing to commit and go with the yearly package, we can get that cost down to less than a dollar a day. Now that is the cheapest way I can think of to start my own business.

      I had once considered going back for some “traditional education”, but I decided that I would rather work on learning it myself and build this business on a budget. At least this way, I can learn real world skills and focus on what really matters. It’s better than having to study for hundreds of hours, only to learn things that will have no practical use in my daily life. As icing to the cake, I get to learn and work from home, spending time with my family and choosing my work schedule.

      How much of what is learned in schools/colleges/universities is actually retained by the time we make it to the workforce anyway? Not enough, and to add to that, there is always more to learn after landing that “just over broke” job. That is why I must also agree that many people are wising up and choosing to further their education themselves, by finding a training platform like Wealthy Affiliate, and creating online business’s on a budget.

      Thanks again Barry

      To Your Success,

  8. You were not kidding when you said this was a long review, but it was worth it in my opinion, or was it because you gave me a shout out on my training on website comments? Thank you Darren. I’m honored. For those reading this comment here is my brief (sort of) reply as to why you should try Wealthy Affiliate.

    I used to make really good money as a QA Engineer and a Producer/Designer in the video game industry for 25 years. It was fun but it burned me out. I needed to find a different way to make money. My last two years working for Addicting Games I worked from home, so I knew I had the discipline to still be productive.

    I started selling on eBay using free drop shipping with wholesale suppliers a few years before ending my video game career. I shot up and was soon a Power Seller, making less than I did in video games but enough to pay the bills. The problem with eBay is you have to pay them fees on everything you list whether it sells or not.

    So I decided to find a way to build my own e-commerce website and that is when I discovered Wealthy Affiliate. However I never built that e-commerce website because the knowledge I gained about Affiliate Marketing motivated me more. It’s a lot like drop shipping but without having to do any customer service. Less hands-on.

    When I joined in August 2013 I still had three more months on my SUV payment. I was really into the WA training, learning and building my websites. It was my intention that in November when I didn’t have a $370.00 auto payment to make I would spend $359.00 and become a Yearly Premium WA Member, which I did.

    At the beginning of my sixth month I made my first earnings from one of my websites. WOW! This affiliate marketing really works! And from January/February of 2014 the money kept coming in. Nothing big but it was slowly growing and it was steady each month. The WA training works BUT you need to work hard at it.

    Wealthy Affiliate is legit because just like going to a university, you have to learn and apply and work hard to succeed. Making real money online is NEVER quick and without hard work. You learn this from WA and that is one of the many reasons I will never leave. There are too many reasons to stay.

    I now have three affiliate marketing businesses making me money, another is being created, and I have a great idea for another I will start in a couple of years. I can do all of this and still pay only $359.00 per year. The return on investment into a Wealthy Affiliate membership is nothing like you will ever experience!

    • Thanks You Robert and Your Welcome,

      For those of you who don’t know, because you may have skipped that part of this review, I mentioned Robert in my own Wealthy Affiliate complaint. Not complaining about him, but suggesting that his training from inside the WA platform should be mandatory reading for new members looking to give and receive comments on their sites. Robert explains the importance of relevant and engaging comments, and how they can affect your ranking in the eyes of Google. If you missed it, it’s in the Wealthy Affiliate Complaint #5 section. Enjoy.


      I created this Ultimate Wealthy Affiliate Review to show everyone, what we already know, it’s legit and the best place to learn affiliate marketing online.I gave the shout out about your training because it’s honest. You explained how to leave quality comments in a way, that both, carried a strong message of understanding the process, and it wasn’t offensive. I could have mentioned you for a ton of other training as well, from how to rank on the first page of Google, SEO tactics, or how to choose your keywords wisely. You are a very active and accomplished member of the Wealthy Affiliate community and I appreciate you sharing your story on this review. It was my honor to include you, and you most definitely earned it.

      As you mentioned in your comment, Wealthy Affiliate works, but only if we work hard at it. The great thing is, all of the steps are laid out for anyone to follow. Beginner, or intermediate, You can learn something from WA and You can be successful with hard work and dedication. Quitting, will never give you the results you deserve, and the earning potential is entirely up to the individual.

      Robert is a shining example of what it takes to make it. He’s been putting in the work up front, and enjoying the fruits of his labor for years now. I could have mentioned him in the success stories as well, as he also has one on the WA platform. Feel free to check it out here.

      Again, Thank You Robert, and Thank You Reader,

      To Your Success,

  9. Darren, you’ve put the most comprehensive, up-to-date review of the Wealthy Affiliate platform I have seen. And once again, after all that scrutiny, this thing is unshakeable. Wealthy Affiliate is the premier affiliate marketing webhosting platform out there, and this review shows it. Their reputation is close to spotless, If anyone wants to get into affiliate marketing, this is the place to be, you’ve done your homework, and it shows. Thanks for the great article, I think your readers are going to enjoy every word of it.


    • Thank You Steve,

      I have done my best to cover almost every aspect in this single Wealthy Affiliate Review. Like you said, it really is unshakable. Their reputation speaks for itself, and any amount of in depth research will lead to the same conclusion. There is no better option than Wealthy Affiliate to learn affiliate marketing online. Everything you need to run a successful online business in one place, is unheard of in this industry, and WA delivers on all fronts.

      The best part is, even if you have no money, you can still get started today with no credit card info. For me, it was the greatest deciding factor at the time and I’m sure that many will relate to this. Try before you buy enables Wealthy Affiliate to prove why, and how they are the best at what they do, and the best value for your money if you decide to upgrade.

      I did not go into great detail about the keyword research tool, but if you are interested, you can check it out anytime here.

      I put a lot of hours into making sure everything was accurate, and that I didn’t leave out any important information. It was all worth it in the long run. Now everyone can see everything you need to know about Wealthy Affiliate, without putting in the same amount of work I did. I hope everyone enjoys the review and I appreciate your comment.

      To Your Success,


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