The Ultimate Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool Review ( Everything You Need To Know)

Getting ranked on the first page of Google can sometimes be a challenge. There are tons of competitors promoting everything under the sun, and some of these guys have been around forever. That doesn’t mean, you can’t make it to the top as well. You just need the right tools.

While there are many factors that will keep your sites from ranking well, keywords should not be one of them. The first step involved in adding any new content to your site, should be, quality keyword research for your SEO.

How will you structure your content, so that it’s relevant to your audience, if you don’t understand exactly what they are searching for?

This is why I created The Ultimate Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool Review. To show you everything you need to know about the best keyword tool on the market.

If you read a little further, I’ll show you a bonus for getting Jaaxy Lite. Jaaxy Lite is not an option that you will see at, and can only be obtained thru the bonus, that I will mention later.

Warning: This is a long post. Jaaxy has a lot of value for me to cover.

Let’s start this off by explaining a little about Jaaxy after, my verdict on this keyword tool, and my disclosure.

Details About Jaaxy:Jaaxy keyword research tool logo

  • My Rating:4.7 of 5
  • Website
  • Recommended:Highly Recommended
  • Price: Starter Trial – Free, Pro – $49/month, Enterprise – $99/month Bonus Option: Revealed in this post.

What is The Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool?

Do I really have to explain this? It’s obviously a keyword research tool right?

Well, yes, but Jaaxy has a lot more to offer than just finding quality keywords. Jaaxy is a top of line keyword tool that delivers a ton of valuable data for many aspects related to your niche market research.

With Jaaxy, you can:

  • Find Quality Keywords: Giving you real time data that matters. Know everything from how many searches a month a keyword or phrase gets, to how many competitors are ranked for that exact keyword/phrase.
  • Check Any Website for Ranked Keywords: Just enter in a keyword or phrase and a URL, press search, and Jaaxy will tell you where, or if that particular site is ranked in Google, Bing, or Yahoo.
  • Did You Order Alphabet Soup: Well Jaaxy is serving it up. This feature will give you a host of other possible keyword phrases starting from the letter A, all the way to Z. There will be some examples later.
  • Save Your Keyword Research: As you search, you can add keywords to lists that you create. It’s never been easier to stay organized.
  • Auto Track Search History: Jaaxy will automatically keep up with your search history for you. Just in case you need to travel back in time for a moment, this is your time machine.
  • Search Analysis at it’s Finest: One of my favorite Features, this is your shortcut to competitor data. Enter a keyword, and see who is ranking for what, plus some other great info about their site.
  • Don’t Think to Hard, Jaaxy can Brainstorm: Brainstorm will give you some other great ideas that you may not have previously considered and also helps to find keywords related to trending topics.

To add even more value, you never have to download anything. It’s a cloud based system, meaning that it’s always run online. I’ll dive deeper into each of these and more right now.

This is just the surface of some of the best aspects about Jaaxy and what it is.

How To Use Jaaxy To Find Quality Keywords:

Step One: Sign Up

You can use Jaaxy without an account, but you won’t be able to see any results, so you may as well get your free account out-of-the-way first. It will NOT cost you a dime. You can try before you buy, or just keep your free account. No Credit Card Info Needed

Keep in mind: Free members will only get 30 searches a month. 30 searches may be limiting, but that is more that enough to do some research and see if you like it.

Step Two: Do Some Keyword Research

What are you searching for? A better question. “What is your audience searching for”? Let’s find out.

As an example, lets just say that I run a website that promotes cbd oil for pets. Now, please keep in mind that I know very little about cbd oil, and virtually nothing about using it for pets.

It should be safe to assume, that my audience will be looking for a place to purchase cbd oil for their pets. So, my first keyword phrase may look something like this. Where to buy cbd oil for pets?

I’ll simply enter that phrase and click “find keywords”. You can see the results below.

where to buy cbd oil for pets example

Within seconds, I have a list of over a dozen results that could be related to my search. I can tell from looking at these results, this keyword phrase would be a great option for any content I would like to create that targets, where to buy cbd oil for pets.

How do I know that it’s worth targeting?

Let me explain the data, and some general standards for using the Jaaxy keyword research tool.

What does it all mean?

  • Keyword: This is a list of keywords or phrases that are related to my search. There will always be a result that matches my exact search, and the rest are potentially related. I can easily start a new search for one of the many related keywords by simply clicking that result.

Important Note: If your keyword shows the less than symbols, it’s because that keyword gets less than 10 searches a month. I used the random phrase “cbd moon”, and funny enough, there are actually a lot of sites ranked for this one.

Who knew?

example of less than ten search's per month

  • Avg: The average, searches per month, for this keyword. The higher the number, the more people are searching for it. Higher search volume does not always translate into better odds, in fact, it’s usually the opposite, especially for a new site.
  • Traffic: This is the possible number of visitors to your website if you achieve first page rankings for the adjacent keyword. 17 may not seem like much, but for a new site, it’s a great start.
  • QSR: Stands for Quoted Search Results and this is the metric that tells you how many competitors are ranked for the exact same keyword. The lower this number, the better. Keep this one under 100 if your just starting out, and under 200 if your experienced and already established in your niche. If you like a real challenge, then you could aim for anything above the 200 mark. Kudos to you, if you can pull it off, your really putting in the work.
  • KQI: Keyword Quality Indicator. Color coded to give you a visual, of the chances of ranking for the specific keyword.
    • Green= go for it
    • Yellow = may be a challenge
    • Red = slow down super hero, pick your fights.

Free, Lite, and Pro members will have to manually click the “Get QSR” button to receive that data.

Lite and Pro members, must also manually click the “Search” button for the domain data.

  • SEO: This is a complex score based system from the traffic and competition data. The higher this number, the better your odds of ranking well.
  • Domains: A great feature for those looking to start a new site or transfer an old one, you can find a new, keyword rich domain name such as .com, .net, or .org. There are others, but these are the most popular and tend to rank the best.

Unfortunately, free members will not have access to the domains search feature.

If you would like to give it a try, right now, just enter your search in the box below, then experience the power of Jaaxy.

Now that you understand, how to understand the data that Jaaxy provides. Let’s move on to the next step.

Step 3: Compile A List

Every keyword result has a checkbox next to it. After you check the box, an option to save will appear. Click “Save to List”.

Jaaxy save list example

Now you will be presented with two option, either create a new list, or save to an existing list. This will make organizing your keywords a breeze. You can select your saved lists later to view the compiled keywords with the correlating data. Free members will only be able to save up to two lists. Plan accordingly.

To access this list later, simply click “Saved Lists” at the top of the screen, and click “view” for whatever list you would like to see.

list options example

Step 4: Only One Thing Left To Do, Create Content.

Super simple process, right?

Everything you need for keyword research, without bogging you down in useless data that takes a scientist to decipher. Jaaxy was created to make it easy. Designed by affiliate marketers for affiliate marketers. Every step of the way, you get what you need, without being left in the dark about what it all means.

If by some chance, you don’t understand what you’re seeing, they have a Jaaxy Help section that will walk you through it with video tutorials.

Now, that you understand how to do the keyword research using Jaaxy, there is no reason why you can’t find some great quality keywords to rank for.

If your not ready to get back to work just yet, and you want to learn some more from this Jaaxy review, then please stick around, because we have only just got started.

Let’s move on to the next great feature for anyone looking to keep track of their progress or size up the competition.

The Jaaxy Site Rank Feature: Where Do You Stand Among The Competition

Ever wonder where your posts are ranking in the SERPs? How about the competition?

Now you can find out, and keep tabs on either.

Here’s how it works. While in the Jaaxy keyword tool, click the “Site Rank” tab at the top of the page. Next, enter the keyword that you wish to search for, and the URL that you are checking it against. Click Search, and in a matter of seconds, the results roll in.

For my example: I am searching the keyword “Jaaxy”, against the URL ““. This will tell me where is ranked in the SERPs for the keyword Jaaxy.

And, No Surprise, it’s ranked page 1, position 1 in all three search engines.

Note: Free and Lite members will only have access to the first page results from the SERPs. This means that, if whatever keyword and site your searching for, are not on the first page, then you won’t get to see the results. A little annoying, I know, but there is plenty of value added to make up for this shortcoming. It is Free after all.

Site Rank feature example

Notice from the image above, “Track this Keyword Daily“. We can actually track any of the keyword/website combinations to keep up with the rankings. This will help us understand if the rankings are improving or declining over time.

Also, notice, the tracked rankings tab. This will allow us to check any previously tracked rankings for various other keywords or sites.

We can also set the tracker to daily, weekly, twice a week, monthly, or twice a month. Free members will only have 30 Site Rank analysis scans per month, however, Jaaxy Lite members will have 100 scans a month.

Stick around to learn how you can get access to the Lite version. We’re almost there.

Jaaxy Alphabet Soup: Your Order Is Served

This is an excellent feature to use if your coming up short on ideas for some related keywords to your niche project. Enter in the search phrase and click “find keywords”, then wait for the delivery.

Using the same example as earlier, only shortening the phrase to “cbd oil for dogs”, let’s see what we get.

Alphabet Soup feature

As you can see above, we get all sorts of extra keyword possibilities. It starts with the letter A, and works all the way through to the letter Z. You will never run out of possible keyword solutions with this feature.

You can “select all” if you wish to save these keywords to a list. Click any one keyword to be taken straight to the keyword research tool. Click “Add”, to add certain keywords to the brainstorm feature. Last but not least, use the slider at the top to quickly navigate through the alphabet soup keyword ladder.

Note: If you find a keyword phrase you like, always start back from step 1 with that phrase. You need to make sure that the chosen keywords are getting traffic. Alphabet soup will give you ideas. This doesn’t necessarily mean that people are searching these phrases. Double Check The Numbers.

Jaaxy Affiliate Program: Earn Money Promoting A Product That Works

You can gain access to the Jaaxy affiliate program, simply be sighing up for the starter trial membership. I recommend that you test the product first. You should never promote anything that you won’t stand behind and believe in. The objective as content creators is to help others, not make a quick buck. If you keep this in mind while growing your online business, then your odds of success will be greatly enhanced. With that in mind, lets get to the details.

How Much Does The Jaaxy Affiliate Program Pay?

Jaaxy has monthly and yearly membership options available, with only two of those being paid memberships. I’ll discuss these soon, but first, this is how the commission structure is laid out. All commissions are earned for the lifetime of the membership. This means, that if someone signs up through you affiliate link, you will earn commission forever, so long as they remain paying members.

If they sign up for a:

  • Jaaxy Pro Account = $20 monthly recurring
  • Jaaxy Pro, Yearly Membership = $200 yearly recurring
  • Jaaxy Enterprise Account = $40 monthly recurring
  • Jaaxy Enterprise, Yearly Membership = $400 yearly recurring

Jaaxy commission structure

Can you see how these commissions could add up over time? Just Imagine having at least 200 members go pro yearly. That’s 40,000 a year for promoting an amazing product that can help millions. You can scale this as much as you like, but it’s easy to see how the profits could grow over time. They even included a tool so that you can easily calculate how much you could potentially earn, and you can factor in the upgrade percentage as well.

Obviously not everyone who signs up for a free account will choose to upgrade. Jaaxy offers a lot of value with just the starter trial. Those who are just getting started online may not need the extra power that other membership options provide.

This is a potential solution for a path to financial freedom.

Another great aspect, you can use the tool itself to help you find keywords to promote it. How crazy is that?

Keep Track Of Your Jaaxy Referrals:

You can see, in the image above, a tab for “My Stats” and “Links And Tracking”.

My Stats: This will show you some affiliate data related to your Jaaxy account.

  • Clicks: How many clicks you received for your affiliate links, split up over a time period. Numbers for that day, week, month, year, and all time record.
  • Referrals: Shows how many people signed up for a free account through your link, also split up over a time table.
  • Sales: This is how many decided to upgrade to a paid membership, over the same time period

There’s more. You can also see when your next payment is, any pending approvals, your stats and revenue in the past 30 days, and set up your PayPal account with a minimum threshold to receive payments.

Links and Tracking: Nothing to fancy here, this is where you will go to find your affiliate links. You may also get a short code to post into your content to add the Jaaxy search feature directly on your site. You’ve seen the example already during the keyword search phase above.

Pretty cool right?

Jaaxy Search Analysis: Who’s My Competition?

It’s nice to know who the competition is, and what it will take to get your content ranking above them. Am I right?

Just writing content with no real direction may be like shooting a gun in the dark when the target is 100 yards away. You may get lucky and hit the mark, but the odds are slim, unless you shine some light on it. Knowing your competition is just one of many factors involved in making it to the top, and Jaaxy can give you this data.

Unfortunately, Free members will NOT have access to this feature.

This will shave a lot of time off of your competitor research. Let’s see how it works, shall we?

Just like the other features, we want to head over to, and click, the “Search Analysis” tab at the top of the page. Enter our keyword phrase and click “Find Keywords”.

Search Analysis feature

Now, we are presented with a list of the top ranking sites on page 1 for that keyword phrase, and we have a couple of options to check out.

Option 1: We can click the link to their site to see firsthand, how they have structured their content, and maybe get some ideas for our own.

This should go without saying, but just in case.( Never Copy Someone’s Work. That’s Plagiarism. We Can Emulate, Not Steal) Others worked hard to earn their positions, and we all have to do the same to earn ours. The search engines will punish you for stealing content anyway, and you may face legal ramifications as well. There is no winner when taking credit for another’s work.

Option 2: We can also click “View Details” to see a list of useful data such as:

  • The Word Count: This tells us how many words are in the ranked post, for the keyword we searched. It’s helpful to understand how much content was needed to earn the top ranking position, however, just beating the post by word count will not guarantee you a spot above them.

As I said earlier, there are many factors to consider surrounding rank. With that in mind, it’s still not a bad idea to go above and beyond what the top ranked sites have posted. So long as the content is relevant and helpful, then you stand a better chance a surpassing them.

I typically aim for 20% more content than the number one position. You will notice, that many below the top spot, may have a far greater word count. This is proof that, word count, is not enough on it’s own to earn you the best ranking position.

  • How Many Links On The Site: This will tell us how many internal and external links are on the page. This will vary greatly from site to site, as everybody has a different writing/linking style.
  • How Many Backlinks On Site: Backlinks are a controversial subject in the online world these days. I still hear conflicting information on this all the time. While backlinks definitely used to be a great factor to consider for ranking well, it has lost some pull over the course of many search engine updates. Quality backlinks will have some added benefit, but poor quality backlinks may have adverse affects.

I’m sure that quality backlinks can’t hurt when they were earned properly, however, who know to what extent they will help you rank. I have seen many top ranked posts that had zero backlinks, while those down the list, had hundreds.

  • Alexa Rank: Alexa ranks pages based off of three months of traffic data from their toolbar. I never worry about this and don’t currently use it for my research.

Can you think of a reason why I should? Let me know in the comments below.

  • Adsence: This tells you if these websites are using adsense obviously. Adsence is another source of revenue for website owners. We allow advertisers to use space on our sites, and they pay us whenever someone makes a purchase through their ads. You typically need massive amounts of data, or very high converting traffic to see any real profits from this.

I ignore this information as well. Again, if you can give me a good reason to pay closer attention, please let me know in the comments.

Man, that’s a lot of information to digest. Are we done yet?

No, not even close. It may be a ton of information, but Jaaxy delivers a ton of value. That’s why I named this The Ultimate Jaaxy Keyword Research Review.

I’ll bet your ready to hear about that bonus though. We are almost there, just a little further and I’ll reveal the secret to you.

But before I do, let me explain the standard membership options.

Membership Options: How Much Is Jaaxy?

There are only three standard membership options with the Jaaxy keyword research tool. I will let the image speak for itself. These are the options that you will be presented with when signing up for Jaaxy. That bonus I promised is just below this list.

Jaaxy standard membership options

The Bonus Option: Jaaxy Lite Access

So, as I have promised from the start of this Ultimate Jaaxy Keyword Research Review, this is how you gain access to Jaaxy Lite. Jaaxy Lite is only accessible to premium members of Wealthy Affiliate. Wealthy Affiliate, at it’s core, is a training platform for learning how to create and manage your own successful affiliate marketing website online. The creators of Wealthy Affiliate and Jaaxy are one and the same. Jaaxy was designed to integrate completely with Wealthy Affiliate to provide its members with the best website, keyword, competition, and market research tool available.

If you are new to the online world, and you could use the extra training, then the Wealthy Affiliate Premium Membership is for you. Most members will not need to upgrade their Jaaxy account until they ramp up their business efforts, usually after seeing the ROI of their hard work and dedication.

Below you can see the added benefits of Jaaxy Lite vs the other options, considering it’s included with the $49 a month WA membership. I also included an image to show the difference between yearly and monthly packages.

Notice: Jaaxy Lite says (no fee to WA Premium!). WA stand for Wealthy Affiliate. As yet another added bonus, all Wealthy Affiliate members will receive a discount on the Jaaxy keyword tool membership. You can have access to Jaaxy Lite for the standard cost of the Jaaxy Pro membership, but with the added benefit of the Wealthy Affiliate platform, and you only need the WA premium membership.

Just like Jaaxy, Wealthy Affiliate adds tremendous value at every turn and it’s truly the best platform to learn affiliate marketing online, especially for the beginners.

A WA premium membership will cost $49 a month. This will unlock the Jaaxy Lite version. I would say the largest advantage of Jaaxy Lite, is the unlimited keyword searches. This means you can search as much as you like, so you never have to slow down with your content creation again.

There are too many added bonus’s of being a WA member for me to mention them here, but I do encourage you to check out my Ultimate Wealthy Affiliate Review to see everything that makes this platform untouchable in the industry. You will not find a better value for your money, that doesn’t hit you with upsells or false promises, and genuinely cares about your success online.

Note: The prices below are based off of the Wealthy Affiliate member discount.

Jaaxy non-standard yearly membership options

membership options and benefits

So, you probably noticed that I said the founders of Jaaxy and Wealthy Affiliate are one and the same. But who are they? Let me show you.

Who Created Jaaxy?

The founders of Jaaxy, also founded Wealthy Affiliate.

Their names are:

Carson Lim

WA profile, about Casrson snapshot


Kyle Loudon

WA profile, about Kyle screenshot

These guys believe in delivering value in everything they do. Both are successful affiliate marketers, and they created the Wealthy Affiliate platform to help others learn how to become successful affiliate marketers as well. They later founded the Jaaxy keyword research tool to offer a better alternative for finding quality research data. They believed that the process should be simple, fast, and accurate, so they delivered Jaaxy to the masses. The company has grown to the point, where Kyle and Carson, have hired a team to help constantly manage and maintain, both Jaaxy and Wealthy Affiliate.

It would seem to me, that they have a knack for creating value that surpasses the competition, and delivering quality across the board. Whatever you need, related to affiliate marketing, these guys will have the solution. You can reach out to them on the WA platform. Kyle is a very active member of the community while Carson is working behind the screens most of the time.

Jaaxy FAQ: Answered

Is Jaaxy Legit?

If you’re reading this question, and you haven’t read this Ultimate Jaaxy Keyword Research Review, then you should probably check it out. They short answer though, Yes, Jaaxy is a legit keyword research tool that will give you the data you need to produce quality content around keywords that offer even the most inexperienced a chance to rank well.

How do I sign up for Jaaxy?

There are various links throughout this review, or you can sign up here. You will need your full name, email, and to create a password to get started. There is NO CREDIT CARD INFO NEEDED TO SIGN UP for the starter trial membership.

How Do I Cancel My Jaaxy Membership?

If you ever need to cancel a membership, no worries, it’s really simple. When you are logged into Jaaxy, you will want to go to “My Account” in the top right corner of the screen. Click on “Account Settings”, and proceed to cancel your membership.

Note: You will not see an option to cancel if you have a free membership. You just simply stop using the Jaaxy keyword tool and your done.

Is Jaaxy Worth It?

I would say, it depends. Are you looking to find quality keywords with real time accurate data? What about researching the competition and checking theirs sites, and your sites, rankings? Do you need a keyword tool for your SEO with a proven track record of success?

If so, then, I would say that it is definitely worth it. However, if you don’t need any of these things, then it may not be worth it to you.

Is There A Jaaxy Alternative?

Sure, there are several alternatives to Jaaxy. Each one has it’s own strengths and weakness’s when compared to Jaaxy. I will have reviews for each of these and more in the future, but for now, some of the most popular Jaaxy alternatives are as follows.

Wrapping Things Up.

I suppose that I have mentioned everything you need to know about the jaaxy keyword research tool. If by some miracle, you made it through this entire review, and your still not sure if it’s right for you. Just Give It A Try Now and decide for yourself.

I hope that you have enjoyed this Jaaxy review, I know I did. If you think I missed anything, or you have any questions, let me know in the comments below. I will respond directly to you, meaning you can have a personalized answer directly from the source.

Don’t forget to follow me on social media to keep up with the latest content to hit the site. Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

To Your Success,

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  1. Hi Darren, I use Jaaxy every single day for my keyword research, I absolutely love this tool, I am able to research keyword competitors for my targeted keywords, detect whether or not there is a fierce competitor ranking for the keyword on major search engines and truly believe it is one tool that every serious site owner should have in their toolbox, your post is very informative and I agree, it is a must have. Thanks for sharing, I picked up some really useful tips, James

    • You are very welcome James. Thanks for reading my review and I am glad that I could offer you something useful. It’s nice to hear from others who use Jaaxy and have the same experience as I have. It truly is a great keyword tool and helps with every aspect of my online business, from keyword research to competition analysis, and so much more. I would recommend it to anyone who is serious about their online business, and suggest that they at least give it a try. Anyone can have 30 free searches a month using Jaaxy. I suggest writing down the results of all relevant keywords that make grammatical sense, so that you don’t waste your searches by revisiting the same data.

      Thanks again James,

      To Your Success,

    • Thank You.

      Jaaxy has been my number one keyword tool from the start and I see no reason to change that moving forward. It has everything I need to run a successful online business and its all in one place. Super simple to use and convenient.

      To Your Success,

  2. Jaaxy keyword tool search is a must I use it and so do many others, this tool is a must for anyone who wants those keywords which will help them to rank. With jaaxy you have a tool which will go to work for you and give you great results.

    • Thank You for the response, and yes, you are absolutely right. Jaaxy is one of the greats among keyword research tools. It digs out the important information and delivers it in an easy to understand format, while still making it easy to organize and track so many aspects of your online business. I have been using this tool from the beginning of my online journey and I could not be happier with the results. I have tried others but they just never stand up against the Jaaxy keyword tool, and I would recommend this tool to anyone, pro or beginner. It really doesn’t matter if you have just got started or you have been doing this for years, Jaaxy will add ample amounts of value to your online business efforts, and there are hundreds if not thousands of other online entrepreneurs who will say the same because it works.

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