My BlogPress Review | Don’t Leave Yourself Vulnerable

Welcome to my BlogPress review.

In your search for training to start a successful blog, you may have come across a company called BlogPress. They seem to offer everything you need to get started blogging, but how can you know for sure? There are so many scams online that it can be hard to tell them apart from the real deals.

That’s why I created this BlogPress Review, to give you the info you need, so you can make an informed decision about their platform. By the end of this review, you should have a firm understanding of what BlogPress is, how it works, and what they have to offer you for spending your hard-earned money with them.

As you will soon find out, I don’t recommend this product for everyone because it may leave you vulnerable, and I know of a superior service that will truly give you everything you need to be successful. While BlogPress is legit, and there is valuable information to be learned from this platform, they fall short of delivering everything you need.

I do recommend BlogPress, just not for everyone. Continue reading to get the full picture.

If your interested, you can check out my number one recommended training here. Otherwise, I hope you enjoy this BlogPress review, and be sure to answer some questions at the end or just give me your honest opinions in the comments. You can help me, help you.

BlogPress Summary

My Rating: 3.5 of 5

Website URL:

Recommended: Yes, but only for beginners without any knowledge of blogging, who are looking to learn the basics, and wish to learn little to nothing about managing a website for their blog.

Price: | BlogPress Basic: $19.99 a month or $97 Yearly | BlogPress Premium: $37 a month or $297 yearly

What Is BlogPress?

What Is BlogPress?

BlogPress is a SAAS (Software as a Service), educational platform that offers a solution to those looking to learn how to create successful blogs online. They offer multiple resources that cater more to the beginner, from step-by-step training, to hosting, to personal support, and managing the technical side of your blog so you can focus on creating content.

After several years of running a successful blog, Jennifer Baritchi founded BlogPress in 2012 to help others find the same success as she enjoys today, and she feels that her superpower is absorbing loads of information and breaking it down so others can understand it.

That’s a superpower all bloggers could use.

All blogs hosted through BlogPress are on the WordPress platform and they offer over 150 premium themes at no extra cost to you. If your worried about the technical aspects of setting it all up, don’t, they do that for you so you can focus on what matters, creating quality helpful content for your new blog.

If you need more control, there are other options available for those with more experience in dealing with the back end of a WordPress website. BlogPress tries to cater to both sides of the spectrum but they naturally have a larger focus on beginners.

What You Get For Signing Up To BlogPress

If you decide to give BlogPress a try, it’s important to understand what you get with the membership. There are a couple of options when signing up, one for complete beginners with little to no knowledge about the process, and the other is for those with experience handling their own affairs with a WordPress website.

Let’s take a peek and see what you could expect when signing up to BlogPress.

90 Day Blogging Success Plan | This is the BlogPress exclusive 90 day, step-by-step, action plan that is intended to guide you in the right direction with your blog to give you the best chance of enjoying success online. You will by given explanations behind the actions with text, image, and video guidance.

This starts with what to expect over the next 90 days, and ends with how to place ad code on your blog.

Premium Themes | They offer over 150 premium themes for you to choose from. This is an option not typically offered through training courses like this, so it’s a nice addition to the package.

Take care when choosing a theme, and select something that is mobile responsive (aka mobile friendly). Having your blog perform well on mobile devices will give you an added advantage when the search engines begin ranking your content.

Video Tutorials | Video is growing, year after year, in the online world as it’s a great way to watch and learn new things. You can rest assured that BlogPress has you covered with some video walk-throughs so you can follow along without the confusion.

Personal Support | This is a big help to beginners and anyone who runs into a problem with their blog. The great thing about their support, is that it’s real people helping you. To many companies are automating their support systems these days, and I personally, would rather have guidance from a real live person over a machine.

While neither will always get it right, it’s far easier to communicate with a person.

Ever try to explain a complex problem, that you don’t know how to explain, to a machine? How did that work out for you?

Never worked very well for me, and usually ended with me being frustrated.

Blog Setup Service | Not a techie? No worries, BlogPress will set everything up for you and customize your site to make it look the way you want, to the best of their ability. The look you want may sometimes be hindered by the chosen theme, luckily you have options in that area, and these guys will take care of the coding, widgets, headers, etc. so you can focus on your content.

This is a nice feature and it’s presented as a real convenience to the user but I do have some reservations about this aspect that I’ll cover soon.

Full-Service Blog Hosting | This one falls into the techie category again. There is a lot of back end work to be done when you’re running and managing your own website. Many of these things can add up and overwhelm a newbie, especially if your focus, was only to blog.

Here are some things that are covered under this service that help you remove the tech stress.

  • Updates For Everything | Keeping your blog updated, current, and secure, while maintaining optimal speeds (All of these Do have an impact on your SERP position)
  • Plugins | Finding quality plugins, installing, and updating

There is a plugin for almost everything, and some, are not so friendly when it comes to bloating your site and keeping your load times high. The longer it takes to load a website, the more likely people will leave your site before absorbing your content. I usually suggest testing each plugin to see if it has any negative effects on speed, however, BlogPress will handle this for you if you choose the basic plan.

  • Social Media | Integrating social media into your blog can be a great traffic generator for your blog so making your content easy to share is always a plus. In most cases, this will be free traffic unless you decide to run ad campaigns.
  • Analytics | Adding Google Analytics to your website is rather simple but it is one less thing to worry about with BlogPress. This will help you track your traffic and see how they are responding to your blog posts, and when used properly, this can give you some insights into your audience.
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization) | This is another significant factor in your SERP position


There is no “one size fits all” method when it comes to SEO. While some aspects are very simple to understand and use, others may leave you scratching your head or pulling out your hair. If you plan to blog long term, then I highly suggest you get familiar with SEO, how it works, and the best practices. It’s nice that BlogPress will handle this for you, but you should still have some working knowledge of the process.

  • Sitemaps | Adding Sitemaps to your site | This helps search engines navigate your site and it’s incredibly easy to implement if you use a plugin. I prefer XML SiteMaps, but you may choose another option, or just let the support team take care of it for you.
  • Coding | A non-techies worst nightmare, coding is the result of everything you see when you look at any website, and it can be used to change the look and feel of many aspects of a website. This would take some real time commitment to learn completely, however, I find that the need to code anything is often removed by quality themes and plugins that already have the aspects you desire for your blog.
  • Backups | Making backups for your blog and restoring them in the event of any errors is also easy in most cases. It is uncommon to lose everything, but it has happened. You do not want to risk a total loss and not have a backup. This could be detrimental to your website.

Most hosting platforms will cover this for you, but I still suggest that you learn how to make a backup for your website on your own. Relying on others for this, can also leave you vulnerable, and the results could be devastating. I also recommend that you keep a separate copy of your backups on a thumb-drive or usb. In the event that your computer is hacked, malfunctions, or the data is lost, you will still have a copy safe and secure that you can use to recover your hard work.

This names a few of the benefits you get when using BlogPress. If you would like to see the full list straight from the source, then check out the 57 things you don’t need to worry about when using the BlogPress Full-Service Blog Hosting.

As you can see, you are getting a lot of clutter out of the way by choosing BlogPress, but there are some things that you won’t be getting, and you typically don’t get these using a service like this. However, there are a few things that I feel should be included to really push this service up a notch. Let’s talk about those now so you can see what I mean.

What You Don’t Get For Signing Up To BlogPress

Here’s What You Typically Won’t Get

  • Email specific to your URL (Website Address) | You will usually pay extra for this, but my #1 recommended platform has domain specific email included in the membership.
  • Custom Domain Name (Part of the URL) | You will usually be given a free domain name of your choosing but often times, you will want to upgrade this at some point. Free domain names will often have the host name in them.

For Example: The name of my website is The Affiliate Pathway. I purchased as my domain name. If my website was hosted on BlogPress, and I chose to use a free domain, it may look something like this “”. This is very common for free domain names.

  • Custom Logos or Images | Also par for the course, many online training services will not offer these either. While you could pay to have either of these professionally done. I would recommend using free services for these if you can find something suitable to your taste.

For Free Images | I often use, they have thousands of royalty free images that you can use without risk of legal action against you. There are other sites similar to Pixabay that you can find with a quick search.

For Free Logos | You can use Both of these are free resources and easy to use. There are options to purchase some images or logo aspects, but ultimately, it’s up to you on how you want your logo to look and feel.

  • Email Marketing Service |email_marketing

Email marketing can be a great way to monetize your audience but you’re on your own with this one as most companies don’t offer these services. My #1 recommended platform does offer training on it though, so you can do it yourself with confidence and support.

  • Custom Theme Design | You are not allowed to modify your chosen theme, and they won’t do it for you either. Anything that touches on the core aspect of a theme is off limits and for good reason. Unless you are a developer, you should never need to customize your theme at this level.

If you do, you would run the risk of destroying your blog and potentially loosing out on a lot of hard work. Using custom CSS is not off limits however, and the BlogPress support team would be happy to help you change the look of your blog, just not the core aspects of your theme.

  • Custom Content | Nobody is going to write your content for you, free of charge, and actually do quality work. This is the point of blogging in the first place, for you to share your message.
  • Article Writing Services | This touches on the last excluded benefit, but these services are for people you pay to write your content if you don’t have the time.

Yes, that is a real thing, and it can be a big help for those who can afford the cash investment, but don’t have the time to invest. In fact, I would suggest using these services while you are still creating content yourself. The more content you produce, the more content you have ranking, and this leads to more potential traffic to your blog. Traffic equals potential profit and this helps you continue doing what you love, blogging to help others.

Up to this point, you could find almost all of this information on the BlogPress website. You will have to do some digging around to find it and maybe do a few searches online to find more specific info that isn’t easy to access through their home page.

There are a couple of things you won’t get, that they don’t mention. Both of these are included in my #1 recommended training platform, and they both can be a huge advantage to your blog if you use them properly.

Just A Couple Of Things You Won’t Be Getting With BlogPress, That Isn’t Mentioned In The Exlcuded List

  • Keyword Tool | Depending on who you talk to, this may or may not be a necessity for successful blogging. I am of the opinion that it’s not, however, the data that you will get from a quality keyword tool can give you some powerful insights into the phrases people are using to search for your chosen niche.

I use the Jaaxy keyword tool for my research and there are a ton of other great options out there that you can find with a quick search on Google. Read the reviews, test them out, and stick with what works if it’s something you decide to use.

The data I pay close attention to when searching with a keyword tool is the competition, search volume, and estimated traffic. All of these can be factors that help you determine what keywords would best suite your blog so that others can find it. If you have great content that can help others, then you would be doing a disservice by not letting them find you online.

I would also suggest using the Google auto-fill (aka Google suggest) feature. If you’re not sure what that is, just think back to a time when you did a search on Google, or do a quick search now. Notice how google try’s to automatically suggest what you may be searching for? These are keywords and phrases that others are using to search things on the net, and this is a good indicator for keywords or phrases that you could use in your blog. It works best for long-tail keywords (basically a longer phrase containing the exact keyword you wish to rank for).

Next up on the list.

  • Community | Once again, not a requirement to be successful with a blog, but having a community of like-minded online entrepreneurs who are in the trenches with you and there to help you along the way, can make a big difference. With BlogPress, the only option, is to rely on the support team. I’m sure they can handle it just fine, but you can see how they may be a bit biased when giving you some feedback on your blog, on their platform.

I wouldn’t consider either of these a deal breaker, especially for the price vs value that you’re getting. While it is relatively easy to find a keyword tool, it may be a bit more challenging to find an active helpful community to be a part of without gaining membership to another group.

How Much Does BlogPress Cost?


If you’re considering signing up for BlogPress, then you should see how much you need to invest, and how much you get for that investment. Again, this is basic info you can find on their website. Everything I mentioned above that you get for signing up is included with both BlogPress packages, but the premium version will give you a little more control.

BlogPress Basic Plan

You can choose to pay monthly or yearly with this option. Of course, if you pay yearly, you will get a sizable discount. In fact, you get a whopping 60% off. Both of these options require no contracts, come with a 14 day free trial, and you can cancel anytime.

Monthly | This option will set you back $19.99 a month, totaling $239.88 per year.

If your new to blogging and the online business world, and not sure if this is something you could do full time, then this may be the best option to start until you know for sure. If there is any doubt in your mind, that you may not commit to blogging, then make the best use of the 14 day free trial.

Try to plan on signing up when you expect to have the most free time over a two-week period. Your going to want to hammer down on the training and absorb everything you can to make sure this is what you want. Not only may the training not be sufficient for you personally, but you may also, just not enjoy blogging.

Blogging is a great way to earn a full time income online, and this can give you the financial and time freedom you deserve, but its not for everyone. Keep in mind, that regardless of what the gurus may tell you, this is no walk in the park. The process is simple, not easy, and it requires constant dedication and perseverance to see success.

For the beginner with some drive and determination, this next option may suit you better.

Yearly | With this option, your looking at $97 per year, and that breaks down to $8.08 a month. Must be paid annually.

This is a very reasonable offer, especially considering how much you get with the package.

Important: You have a 14 day free trial with all the BlogPress options, but if you don’t cancel the subscription before that trial ends, you will be billed for whatever package you chose. You must enter your credit card info to start the trial, and there are no refunds if you forget to cancel. To cancel your subscription with BlogPress, you must message the customer support team and they will cancel it for you. You may also opt to change your package from monthly to yearly, or visa versa, anytime you like by messaging the support team.

My #1 recommended training platform is my #1 for a reason, and the fact that they let you try before you buy with zero credit card info, is just one of those many reasons.

The next package for bloggers on BlogPress, is meant for the more experienced or those seeking greater control.

BlogPress Premium Plan

Monthly | This option will run you $37 a month, totaling up to $444 per year.

Yearly | This option will only cost you $297 per year, breaking down to $24.75 a month. Must be paid annually.

By choosing the premium plan, you will get greater access to the back end of your website, and this will give you greater control over the themes and plugins you use by unlocking over 31,000 WordPress themes. To me, this is a rather expensive upgrade to be given access to something I feel, should be included with my BlogPress blog anyway, but I am familiar with the back end of a WordPress website so I may be biased here.

Now that we have some specifics out of the way, I would like to continue this BlogPress review by giving you some of my opinions on the platform, and let you decide for yourself if this is the best option for you.

What I Like About BlogPress

I enjoy the fact that this platform is tailored to the beginner, and they make it simple to understand while giving you actionable step-by-step instructions. For the basic plan, you get good value at a low cost, and I feel this is important because price can be a barrier to entry for many would be full time bloggers.

The premium themes are also a nice touch, and not typical for any other training platforms of this style that I am aware of. Premium themes usually offer greater control over the look and feel of your website, so you can customize your blog to suite your audience or yourself.

BlogPress has a good reputation for their support team and this is a great aspect of their platform as beginners will need some help along the way. I feel that this is a reputable company that could use a few more improvements to make it top-notch, but for the price, it’s not a bad deal.

What I Do Not Like About BlogPress

My number one complaint against BlogPress, is that they force members to rely heavily on the support team. Not only could this be a problem for the support team, as they could easily be overwhelmed and cause delays when responding to support tickets, but it also keeps members from learning what is necessary to manage a WordPress blog on their own.

I do understand that, this is the exact purpose of BlogPress, to take care of all of these aspects so users can focus on blogging and not techie stuff. However, I feel that by keeping members from learning these skills, it is locking them into the system.

Being Left Vulnerable By The BlogPress Method

Here is a scenario where this would be a real problem in my mind. You can tell me what you think about it in the comments below, but this is how I feel.

Imagine that you have been at BlogPress for 4 years on the basic plan, and you have created a profitable blog that attracts tens of thousands of visitors a month and it has given you the freedom to leave your job. You quit that traditional job over a year ago, and you have poured all of your focus into building out your blog, helping others, and paying off every debt in your name.

It’s continuing to grow and the team over at BlogPress has been doing a great job managing your site. You couldn’t be happier with the results. They were always there with a back up in case you need it, although you’ve never had an issue there. They have been nailing your SEO for you and driving crazy amounts of traffic to your content. Your sites are always performing at optimal speeds and always secure.

What more could you ask for? You have been able to focus on what matters to you, while they handle the tech stuff. It’s been a win-win situation all the way, because they know tech, and you know how to deliver what people are looking for.

Now, the unimaginable happens.

BlogPress has been hacked. Everyone just lost everything and you have no idea why. In the blink of an eye, everything you worked so hard for, is all gone. Your not even sure what happened because the hack hasn’t been made public yet. You decide to wait for the site to come back up, but it’s weeks before you hear any news. Either way, your squashed, and the only option is to start over.

After the hack, BlogPress is ruined. They can’t recover, so you have to find an alternative option.

Here’s the problem.

You need to find another platform that will handle all the technical aspects for you, because you have no idea how to manage it yourself. All of these years, you were just blogging your passion, there was no need to learn that stuff before. Now your lost. You could salvage your domain name and host it somewhere else, but if you don’t have any backup files, then you may not get the content back. What do you do?

Time to learn the skills that you could have started with.

Now, this is an extreme example, and it is highly unlikely to ever happen. However, I believe that anything is possible and you should always be prepared. By not learning the skills to be self-sufficient, you leave yourself vulnerable to outside forces that will not consider the devastating effects they may have on you.

Coding and the extra techie stuff is not a requirement in today’s world, but I feel that managing your own site should be common knowledge for anyone looking to make a sustainable long term income source through any online platform.

This is the reason I recommend another platform entirely. One that will teach everything you need to know to be successful and self-sufficient. A platform that beats out every would be competitor and literally has everything you need in one place. You can try it for free, without giving away your credit card info. Free members get two free websites to start with that they get to try out for the 6 months before needing to upgrade. As a free member, you will also get access to the first series of two separate training courses inside the platform, each with 10 video and text training and step-by-step instructions to follow.

This just scratches the surface of the potential it has to offer. If you would like to see that potential for yourself, then read this review about my #1 recommended training platform.

Now, with all of that being said, the question remains.

Is BlogPress Worth It?

I would say that BlogPress is worth it to the complete beginner, but only if they plan to use the basic package and have no interest in learning the back end of managing a WordPress website (Risky). If you are not concerned with the potential of being stuck on the platform, and you just want to write content, and have the rest done for you, then you should sign up to BlogPress.

Otherwise, if you want to have more control at an affordable rate, where you can get training from beginning to end on how to create a profitable online business, then you need my #1 recommended training platform. They literally have everything you need and nobody else in this industry comes close to giving you the same value they provide.

I do not feel that BlogPress is worth it for anyone with experience running a website or blog. The value is just not there for me, and I’m confident that many more would agree with that assessment.

I hope you have enjoyed this BlogPress review, and I hope that I have shined the light on some pros and cons enough, that you can now make an informed decision.

Let me know what you think in the comments below.

Questions To You

If you have used BlogPress, then, do you feel that this review was accurate?

If you haven’t used BlogPress, but you still think this would be a good fit for you, what was the deciding factor that lead you to that decision?

If there was anything that you feel I missed, or I should elaborate on, tell me in the comments and I will be happy to update the post.

Thanks for reading and good luck in your journey.

To Your Success,

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12 thoughts on “My BlogPress Review | Don’t Leave Yourself Vulnerable”

  1. Blogpress sounds like a good platform for someone who wants a hassle free start in building up a successful blog quickly. However I do agree with you that relying too much on their support team could be rather risky. You would be left powerless if the support team is unavailable for whatever reason. I very much prefer Wealthy Affiliate where they teach you absolutely everything and provide the tools to be self sufficient.

    • Thanks for reading.

      BlogPress could work for some, but I couldn’t see myself leaving so much on the table out of my control. I prefer to have a better understanding of how things work so that I can be responsible for myself and take care of things when necessary.

      I do feel it’s risky to give away so much power when your trying to create something like this for your future. What if you had to rely on it and then it crashed, where would you be? Up the creek without a paddle in a sense. At that point, you better know how to swim.

      I agree that Wealthy Affiliate does give you everything to be successful and you really won’t need another platform as they have it all in one place.

      To Your Success,


  2. Hi Darren

    I must say I enjoyed reading your review of my blogpress, which sounds like an interesting programme. It seems to me that they want to make money twice, to entice novices to the programme to get and learn about blogging and affiliate marketing. Once learnt they want more money and so get people to upgrade, which will earn them some money, whilst offering you a wider options. I think this is unfair and they should be an option that combines the two to offer one programme for one reasonable price. It may be okay for novices but with some experienced people it seems to offer nothing much. 

    It is very interesting that there are a number of programmes that go into blogging and affiliate marketing, all more or less offering the same thing, so my question is how do you decide which is the best?



    • Thanks for reading and I’m glad you enjoyed my BlogPress review.

      I feel that most people who choose BlogPress, do so for the fact that they can be more hands off, so I don’t feel that combining both options into a singular package would make sense. I do however, feel that they may have it backwards as far as pricing is concerned.

      From the outside looking in, I would think that a company would charge more when they are required to do more work, and that is what the basic plan involves as they do the work for you. They actually charge more for doing less, but I suppose that they avoid the hassle of letting inexperienced members destroy their websites.

      I’m not positive about why they operate that way, but I suppose it’s working.

      As to how I decide which blogging or affiliate training program is better.

      It simple. I evaluate each platform I come across from multiple angles and then share my conclusions.

      I need to see that they have proven themselves legitimate and they are offering value (sometimes the only way to know for sure, is to test it out yourself). Asking these questions can help, but don’t limit yourself to just these. Different platforms offer different features and benefits so you may need to adjust the questions a bit. These are in no particular order, and I may write an article for this in the future if needed.

      Is the training up to date?

      How is the community if they have one?

      What is the support like if you need it?

      How much value do you really get for your money?

      Are others happy with the product?

      Is there proof of success with the platform?

      Who can you compare them against?

      First hand knowledge typically outweighs a compilation of others views, but I still like to see what others are saying as well, maybe they have noticed something that I missed and should look further into before reaching a final conclusion.

      Hope this helps and these are not the only way to evaluate an affiliate or blog training platform but it is a great start.

      To Your Success,


  3. Thanks for sharing this informative article, I’ve been looking out platforms that can give background trainings to beginners who wants to go into blogging because my cousin has been pestering me to look put for him. Though I introduced Wealthy Affiliate to him already and he’s been matching up bit by bit, but additional knowledge will be effective too. I’ll share this article to him and I’m sure its gonna be useful to him. Though the platform have its own cons, I think some stuffs still come handy. Thanks.

    • Thanks for reading and I hope your cousin finds the platform that works for him.

      Wealthy Affiliate is not for everyone, neither is running an online business. I think your doing a great service by trying to guide them in the right direction, so Kudos to you.

      To Your Success,


  4. Hi,

    Well done on writing a detailed blog press review, straight off the bat you make it clear that blog press is legit but that it has shortcomings so in your opinion it is only worth a rating of 3.5 out of 5. You do state that it is a good way for beginners to start and they have some options including the 90 day blogging  success plan premium themes and a lot of video training. Blog press offers support set up and full service blog hosting you also point out what people who sign up don’t get so they know exactly how to compare this blogging platform against others. Speaking of others you recommend the Wealthy Affiliate platform, presumably you find this platform better than blog press?

    well done,



    • Hey Fintan, thanks for reading.

      Glad you enjoyed my BlogPress review and hopefully others will get the same picture and I can save them some hassle. I prefer to point others in a direction that can help them create real long term passive income vs the here and now approach. It’s better to be prepared, but you need to get the right training for that and Wealthy Affiliate has it.

      To Your Success,


  5. I am a member of Wealthy Affiliate, and I was surprised to come across Blogpress. When I read your review, I realised that I was getting everything and more at Wealthy Affiliate.

    The only thing that I noticed that I don’t get at Wealthy Affiliate is the premium WordPress themes, which you would have to pay for yourself if you wanted them.

    Also, the fact that you can’t purchase your own domain name is a big thing for me. I love having all my websites on a dot com basis and I think that the search engines prefer this too if I am correct?

    • Thanks for reading.

      Wealthy Affiliate does offer far more value than BlogPress in virtually every area of creating an online business.

      They do not offer premium themes however, and this was one aspect I like about BlogPress. Finding a great quality premium theme is not overly complicated or expensive if you know where to look. I use Generate Press and it’s super light, easy to customize, and just under $50 for as many websites as you want with great support.

      Google does prefer .com, .net, and .org over other custom domains but content is king, so with enough hard work and dedication, you could rank an oddball domain name on the first page. Even the Wealthy Affiliate free domain names have been proven to rank on the first page. You just have to put in the work consistently.

      To Your Success,


  6. I truly find this review of blog press very insightful and exhausting. Thanks so much for exposing all the possible areas and aspects to how it operates. Firstly, I like the fact that it works exceptionally well and that is okay with me. They also help with all the needed requirements and technicalities of running a website. However, they should have allowed us all to have an insightful approach as to how it operates and the technicalities in order not to be left vulnerable. I totally agree with you that this might not be worth trying out for people who are more advanced in knowing exactly how to run a website.

    • Thanks for reading.

      BlogPress is okay for beginners who are looking to have the majority of the tech side taken care of and have no interest in learning what it takes to maintain their own site. Otherwise, Wealthy Affiliate is the better option. While you may not have to handle every technical aspect of running a website, you will have a far greater knowledge of the inside mechanics and be better equipped to handle those type of issues.

      To Your Success,



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