How To Use Affiliate Marketing With A Podcast And No Website

Looking to use affiliate marketing with a podcast?

In my previous post, I explained 7 Ways to do affiliate marketing without a website, and how a podcast is one way to do that.

With this post, I’m going to dig a little deeper into how you can monetize your podcast using affiliate offers.

If you don’t already have a podcast, check out this video from Podcast Fast on YouTube.

Note: While I may in the future, I do not have a podcast at the time of this writing. I have simply done the extensive research so that I may relay the information to you. It’s also important to note that, if your new to the podcast game, affiliate links will not help you until you are generating some qualified traffic.

How Affiliate Marketing With A Podcast Can Be Valuable For You.

If you already run a podcast, then this will not be news to you. However, if your new to the scene, then this should be some helpful insight to affiliate marketing with a podcast.helping people up

To explain how this is valuable to you, we first need to understand why people use them in the first place.

Have you ever listed to a podcast yourself?

They are a great source of information that you can take anywhere and listen to, at almost anytime. The top reason for a podcast is the convenience and versatility of them.

From a consumer standpoint: Podcasts are great for

  • Convenience
  • Entertainment
  • Inspiration
  • Passive Learning

They can get all of this and more on the go. Driving, flying, at the gym, practically everywhere.

This means that, by having your own podcast, you will have direct access to consumers all throughout their daily lives. You literally get to be there with them and help, educate, or inspire them everywhere they go.

This is a huge advantage over many other mediums, such as YouTube, Facebook, or Pinterest. Yes, all of these can also travel with your audience but they can’t listen to them on a regular basis like they can with a podcast.

Any a**holes watching YouTube or surfing social media while driving should have their license revoked.

From a producer standpoint: Podcasts are great for

  • Expression
  • Helping others
  • Building a following
  • Access to your customers no matter where they go
  • Opportunity to influence others for the better

Podcasting might be for you if, “you have a large personality, effective verbal communication skills, and a genuine character that others can connect with”.

If you don’t have these things, no worries, you can still do it to. I look at everything as a skill to be improved and this means that anything can be accomplished with the time and effort.

You don’t need to be world-class to amass a following of active and loyal customers who want to hear your thoughts and opinions. If you are just setting out to genuinely help others, that’s what its all about anyway and others will come to respect you for it.

How To Incorporate Affiliate Offers To Monetize Your Podcast.


Choose An Affiliate Product:

To start, pick a product or service that’s relevant to the niche or theme of your podcast and has an affiliate program. You don’t want to promote anything that doesn’t make sense for your users, obviously.

Example:If your podcast is about computers in the 21st century, it wouldn’t make sense to promote the hottest fishing poles on the market.

Instead, you may promote the latest software for gamer’s or the most powerful processors, etc, etc. It should be something that you are familiar with, directly or indirectly.

Makes sense right?

Now that you have your product, you could dedicate a single show to that product or offer as a review. It’s not considered good practice to have a ton of reviews on your podcast, but one every month or so could be acceptable so long as its relevant and useful to your audience.

Interview A Product Creator:

If you can get the creator of your affiliate product to do an interview on your show about that specific product, this will give you Instant Credibility in the ears of your listeners, even if their not famous.Interview

It’s likely that the original mastermind behind the curtains will have knowledge that you and your listeners wouldn’t have been able to get anywhere else.

Be sure to ask some quality questions like….

  • What’s the backstory behind the creator?
  • What led them to create this great product in the first place?
  • Was there any challenges standing in the way?
  • What, if anything, would they do different if they were starting over from scratch?
  • Are there any hidden features or benefits to the product that may not be obvious to others.

Asking questions like this can help you and your listeners to connect on a more personal level, and this has the potential to increase your overall conversions. Stories and answered questions are a great selling point and an easy way to make the most of your guest visit.


This one is pretty straight forward.

Advertising is used on the majority of platforms. The real difference here, is that your the one making the advertisement.

You can do this by making a prerecorded message that you air during the show, or even just do it on the fly, if your that good. The ads don’t have to be any specific time limit, but a good average would be around 25 to 45 seconds.

If you need a source for ideas, just listen to the radio for a while, they run ads all the time and their practically the standard for what a good audio advertisement should be.

You can even watch TV, YouTube, cruise Facebook, or any other media platform with ads. While your watching, just imagine how you could turn those into podcast ad masterpieces. While you may not use these for your show, the practice will help you refine those skills.

Direct Affiliate Links:

Yes, you can use direct affiliate links within your podcast.

sturdy handshake

Any mention of where to buy a product, and you should be using your affiliate link. You can use these verbally during the show or have a written link in your resources page that others can easily find and follow to your offer.

When verbally referencing your affiliate offers, its best to use a shortened link. Even better, use a shortened branded link.

An example of a branded link for my site would be: theaffiliate.pathway

You can see how this would be easier to relay to your listeners than to say something like, go here and use this code, theaffiliatepathwayhowtodopodcasting522019

I would recommend Bitly to get yourself some branded short links.

Guest Host:

Much like landing that interview with the product creator, this could bolster your authority within your niche podcast.

By having a guest host do your show for a day, you are pulling from their credibility and authority. This will help your affiliate podcast stand out among the noise and attract new listeners to your brand.

As with everything, this is best with moderation. Unless your show is about having a new host all the time, you need to run your show, not a series of hosts.

Email List:

Last but not least, you must build an email list. This is yet another great opportunity to promote relevant and helpful affiliate offers to your audience. Don’t miss out on the potential ROI of this method.

Simply ask your listeners to sign up during the show. Be sure not to just spam them with tons of affiliate offers. Add value to their lives. Keep them updated about the show and provide useful related info about your niche.

mic drop

Signing Off

I hope that this has cleared up the many ways you can use affiliate marketing with a podcast.

Do you disagree with anything here? Tell me why and what you recommend in the comments below.

Love the advice? Let me know that to.

To Your Success

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