Does Wealthy Affiliate Have the Best Affiliate Marketing Training Courses for 2019? Lets See.

Are you looking for the best affiliate marketing training courses available online?

Motivated to make a difference in your financial life?

Wanting to learn the ins and outs of the online business world from a reputable company that has time tested and proven strategies to teach anyone how to create their own online business?

You’ve come to right place then, because this is where I will show you how Wealthy Affiliate is the one stop shop that you have been looking for.

You Should Know This First: Just in Case

Internet Puzzle

If you have just heard about affiliate marketing and you’re doing some research but still aren’t clear about what affiliate marketing is and how it works, let me explain briefly.

In a nutshell, affiliate marketing is where a merchant (owner of a product/service) has a product to sell, and they partner with someone (affiliate marketer) to promote their product on a commission basis.


Let’s say you are an affiliate for Amazon and you’re promoting their latest set of blue tooth earbuds on your site.Ethics Up

Someone comes to your site and decides to follow your link to the earbuds on Amazon, they make a purchase, and you receive a commission.

Easy right? It’s really that simple. The chore of all this, is creating valid, accurate, honest, and compelling content on your site that actually helps people through the buying process.

This means hours of research and really learning the products that you promote. You don’t have to purchase products to give an accurate review but it is a huge plus if you have firsthand experience. Just be honest, is always the best practice.

Is Affiliate Marketing Really a Business Worth Pursuing? What About All The Competition?

Affiliate marketing is a time tested business model that is working for millions of people worldwide, and with more and more people shopping and searching online every day, there is room for many more to grow their own online business.holding the world in our hands

The future is headed to the online world and we can’t stop the train so we should take a ticket and get on board if we wish to create our own businesses.

We literally hold access to the world in our hands daily and we could use these tools to free ourselves from the necessity of a regular job.

All that is needed, is to learn the knowledge that will open the doors for us to use these tools properly. Wealthy Affiliate has that knowledge.

With 96% of just Americans shopping online for various reasons such as convenience and avoiding crowds, there has never been a better time to create your own online business and build a brand for your company.

With that in mind, lets continue.

Details About Wealthy Affiliate

  • My Rating4.6 of 5
  • Website
  • Recommended: Highly recommended for beginners
  • Price: Starter Member = Free / Premium First Month = $19 and $49 a Month After with Yearly and Half Year Options + Bonus for all new members

What Makes Wealthy Affiliate So Special: Let’s See…

Wealthy Affiliate was founded by a couple of guys from Canada in 2005.wealthy affiliate logo blue

They have learned through trial and error what it takes to make it in the online world as an affiliate marketer and they created WA to help others avoid the same hardships that they had to face and to show the pathway to success in the online industry.

WA offers hundreds of hours of training content to help individuals from start to finish in affiliate marketing. From picking a niche, to keyword research with Jaaxy, to writing copy, they have a “take you by the hand” approach to their educational series.

The multitude of resources offered and the support from the community are unparalleled in the industry. The content is continuously updated to reflect changes in the ever-changing online world.

You will be walked through step by step on how to create a business online and promote wealthy affiliate or other products/services of your choosing. They teach you how to become an expert in your chosen niche and stand out as an authority on any topic that you wish to pursue.

passion led us here

If you want to learn more about the founders, click their names here… Kyle or Carson

Carson is more of a tech guy so he is less active in the site community, but Kyle is always active and available to help in any way he can. That alone is a statement, for one of the guys who started this business in 2005 to still be very active in the community today.

That’s dedication. They are both passionate about their work and that shows with the hours of up to date training that has been made to walk you through the steps of creating your very own successful online business plus the many other amazing features offered at Wealthy Affiliate.

Let’s check the pros and cons and see what’s up with WA.

weighing the options


  • You can start for free and have access to most features for the first seven days
  • Within the first seven days, if you upgrade to premium, you get the first month for only $19
  • A real life and active community of like-minded individuals and professionals that you can count on for support and help along the way
  • Community actively creates content to share with one another
  • Weekly live classroom sessions with some top performers at WA
  • Easily create and access all of your websites and purchase your very own domain names (.com, .org, .net)
  • Premium Wealthy Affiliate members get Jaaxy Lite included
  • Text and Video training series to walk you through the process, step by step, of setting up your own online business for success
  • Site Content feature for creating content on your websites
  • Convenient access to your content and the rankings associated with them
  • 100’s of hours of content packed with knowledge to master all aspects of online affiliate marketing
  • Feature to create a website in as little as 30 seconds
  • Very lucrative affiliate programs that is available for Free WA members
  • Paid trip to Vegas to meet the founders and other affiliates who have reached 300 referrals to WA
  • Free members receive the first series of each training courses,  No Charge!!!
  • No payment info needed until you upgrade to premium
  • Training is goal focused with a list of goals to check off as you progress through the courses
  • Keeps track of your progress within the training courses so returning is a breeze
  • Consistent live chat to speak with the community and ask or answer questions
  • Affordable monthly plan for premium members with yearly and half year options to save even more
  • There is an app


  • The app is overloaded with ads, even for paid members
  • Only supports English
  • The amount of content can be overwhelming if you stray from the training
  • The free training is enough to leave you wanting more
  • Takes time to learn how to navigate the site effectively
  • Takes time and dedication to see results, will not make you rich overnight

The pros are far greater than the cons with the amazing service these guys have created. Let’s dig in a little deeper and show what makes it all so great, especially for a beginner.

The Best Affiliate Marketing Training Courses: At Your Fingertips

The Affiliate Bootcamp


This is a step by step and easy to follow training series designed to walk you through setting up a website to promote wealthy affiliate. The training covers everything that you will need to get from a to z and start producing content on your website.

This course is meant to help you to drive traffic to wealthy affiliate and earn commissions whenever someone signs up for their services through your affiliate link.

As a free member, you will have access to phase one of the training. Phase one has a total of ten video training courses including written content with 30 unique tasks for you to complete as you make progress.

As you progress through the series and check off each task, this will keep track of your place in the training and make returning to where you left off a breeze. You can continue with the click of a button.

After upgrading to a premium membership, you will then have access to a total of 7 phases, each with 10 unique training content, plus a multitude of other advanced resources that I will explain soon.

The Online Entrepreneur Certificationtime to think about success

This course is virtually the same thing, however this course is designed to teach you how to be an affiliate for any product or niche and has a total of 5 phases with 10 lessons each. Like the Bootcamp series, you will have access to phase one with your free membership and the rest after upgrading to premium.

Both training have a focus on creating expert content and relaying accurate and factual information to help others through the decision-making process.

The Classroom

classroom learning

Yet another great resource offered at WA. Each classroom will have a specific topic of focus and will contain resources from videos and tutorials to Q&A.

The objective here is to dig deeper into any specific topic to help broaden your knowledge past what was learned in the regular training courses. This can really help to get a grasp on a specific topic within the related classroom.

This feature is often filled with content from members of the community, whereas the regular training series was created by the co-founder Kyle. Opinions will vary some between the training received through each of these assets.

The Multitude of Amazing Resources to Utilize: All Found at WA.

The Community:


WA has one of the best community networks that I have seen among affiliate oriented websites such as this.

There is a 24/7 live chat, always active in the dashboard, that you can chime into at any moment with a question or answer.

When asking a question, you can usually expect to have a reply from another member within a few minutes, usually to answer the question or point you in the direction of the resources that will answer it and further educate you in the process.

It is often encouraged to communicate and help within the community so that everyone may benefit from each others success and learn from one another s failures.

Some members have even created high quality promotional banners, for some affiliate programs within WA, to share with the community free of charge.

Don’t hesitate to take full advantage of this great asset if you ever have a question. There is no need to get stuck for lack of info, with this many individuals just a few clicks away.

The networking potential alone is and an amazing resource for would be online entrepreneurs.

Jaaxy, The Best SEO Keyword Tool: Included With a Premium Membership


The title of this one says it all, Jaaxy is the best search engine optimization keyword tool on the market and the lite version is included with a premium membership at Wealthy Affiliate.

The free version of this tool with give you access to their affiliate program and 30 free keyword searches for yourself plus many other options that you can learn about in my other post linked below.

The Best SEO Keyword Tool : Jaaxy, The Ultimate Solution for 2019

Briefly, it is a keyword research tool designed to help find niche markets, keywords to rank on search engines, and brainstorm other content creation ideas.

It’s likely the very best and most convenient tool on the market with or without Wealthy Affiliate.

Site Builder Feature: Creating a Website Simplified

Site Builder is yet another amazing feature for multiple reasons.

You can literally create a word press website in as little as 30 seconds, check it out by clicking the image below.

Build a WordPress Website in 30 seconds

As a free member, you will have access to the first four of these amazing content creation and management tools below.

Site content features at Wealthy Affiliate

I Can’t Wait to Get Started on Creating My Own Online Business: What Are My Options?

You will have a few options when deciding to sign up for Wealthy Affiliate.

  • Free – extended access to site features for the first seven days, after that, you will have limited access
  • Paid – $49 a month for as long as you remain a member, with options to pay half year or full year membership in advance.

Wealthy Affiliate Membership Grid

Premium is highly recommended but the free version is enough to get your feet wet and see if this is something that you can remain dedicated to.

Wealthy Affiliate has a wealth of resources that could be at your disposal. If you need help with creating an online business, finding profitable keywords or niche ideas, understanding affiliate marketing, or just to network with an amazing like-minded community, then this is the place you need to be.

Take Action Now:

The key to making a difference is getting started.

Don’t hesitate or let your subconscious mind talk you out of the potential life changing opportunity that You are being presented with right now.

Wealthy Affiliate can show you how to build an online business from the ground up and you will get a special bonus after signing up.

You have nothing to loose and a wealth of knowledge to gain, Try It For Free Now

Let Me Show You:

Check out my ClickBank University vs Wealthy Affiliate review.

Wrapping Up:

I believe that wealthy affiliate does have the best affiliate marketing training courses for 2019 and beyond but if you believe otherwise, I would like to hear about it anytime. Please feel free to comment here or on the Feedback page anytime.

To Your Success

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