About The Affiliate Pathway

The Affiliate Pathway was founded by Darren Vincent thru the help of many like-minded individuals at Wealthy Affiliate.The Affiliate Pathway Founder

Darren is in his early thirties and happily married with two amazing young children. He has been blue collar for most of his life but has always expected more from himself.

After a few years of procrastinating about what would be the first business venture, He finally realized that online was the most logical answer. Online business has many far-reaching advantages over any other model.

  • Low Cost Start-Up (Virtually Zero$$$ in the beginning)
  • Access to Millions of Customers (Built into the Business)
  • No Need to Own a Product ( Sell Other Peoples Products)
  • Work at Your Own Pace (Keep the day job until your online business replaces that income)
  • Office in Your Home ( No Need to Rent Space)
  • Unlimited Growth Potential (Create Any Business You Want Online)
  • Etc., Etc., Etc.

This website was a product of his realization and is continually progressing to reach the final goal.

The Affiliate Pathway was started as a way to help others thru the learning curve of creating an online business, and to give direction to a vast market of resources that can be used to speed up and simplify the process.

We Are Here To Help You, Help Yourself.

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