7 Ways To Do Affiliate Marketing Without A Website

Wondering if you can actually make money online without a website? Is this strategy profitable? Can it generate a long term passive income? Let’s look at Seven Ways To Do Affiliate Marketing Without A Website.

What are the benefits of affiliate marketing without a website?

To start this off, lets answer these first three questions if your looking to save time with a short answer.

Yes, you can actually make money online without a website. Stick around and I’ll explain.

Yes, it can be very profitable, if you know what you’re doing.

And last but not least, No, it will likely never be consistent enough to remain a passive income. Most of these methods will require constant effort to see a positive ROI without a website.

If your looking to build a truly passive income online, you need a website.

Worried about the upfront investment? Don’t! You can get started for free.

There is a learning curve but the skills you learn will last you a lifetime in this day and age.

As you will notice throughout this post, I do not recommend starting affiliate marketing without a website for many reasons.

You will find many barriers to entry for product marketplaces, and many roadblocks on some of these platforms as to how you can use your affiliate links.

You must read the rules for each site that you plan to promote on so you don’t get banned.

It seems logical that, if your going to be working hard to build an income online, it should be from a source that has the potential to last and grow on its own into a truly passive income stream.

And now for the long answer, starting with the ups and downs to affiliate marketing without a website.

Ups: How is affiliate marketing without a website worth it?

stacks of money in a case

Fast Cash: If, your already a pro.

  • If you have skills in copy writing and you understand your target market very well, there is a slim chance that you could see nearly instant profits. This is a long shot for most beginners and please, Don’t hold your breath.

How could you see fast results?

Know your target market, do the keyword research, find your affiliate product, have quality sales copy for your offer, and promote on a platform with paid advertising. You will need to split test many ads until you find a winning formula, so be ready to open up that wallet.

With the perfect storm, you could get-rich-quick but this is too much like gambling for a beginner. Leave that to the professionals for now.

Most pros with the skill set to accomplish this will already have their own websites.

There are many reasons why and I’ll explain soon.

No Website Design Required:

yes, no, opportunity

So obviously, if you don’t own the website, there is no need to worry about any technical aspects of running one. You will simply be using another site to market your affiliate offers.

This is why most people consider this option, they believe that creating and managing a website will be too much hassle.

Nobody wants to set for hours on end coding this or that and adjusting that and this. Tweak here, button there, blah blah blah, boring.

It’s really a common misconception though, creating a website is actually a very simple process these days. You can have a site up and running in 30 seconds with today’s technology.

The hard part is growing your site until the profits come in, but after they do, you could see a long term passive income develop that could change your financial landscape.

Downs: How is affiliate marketing without a website not worth it?

No Website: Yes, you read that right

  • There are many affiliate programs that require you to have a website. This is a barrier to entry for anyone looking to promote certain offers without one.

Take Lowe’s for example:

Check out the Lowe’s affiliate request page.

On this page you will notice a few barriers to entry that will bar anyone without a website from working with them.

They have very specific requirements that must be met before you can become an affiliate for them.

You Must Have:

Googley Eyes

  • A high-quality website and US-based traffic
  • Loyalty shopping, promotional and email content methods
  • Your website must cater to home improvement demographics

Some renowned affiliate marketplaces will have this same barrier such as ShareaSale.

This will limit some affiliate offers that you will have access to and may limit the potential for higher profit margins depending on your chosen niche market.

Also, if you have your own website, you will be more likely to be found through the google search engines if your using SEO properly. Let face it. Google has taken over the world for search traffic.

No Control: Risky Business

  • Although a website is not needed to do affiliate marketing, most of the sources that you can use to spread your message will be found online, and usually on someone’s website.

With this method, you won’t own that website, therefor, you will have no say in how that site is managed. You will essentially be holding onto a rope over a cliff, and if the site owners cut the line, your free-falling. You can imagine the end result.

Here is an example of why this could be a problem: Remember This

Suppose that you are in a group forum and you have built a reputation as a responsible and trusted adviser for everything affiliate marketing. You are now the local authority on this forum and many look to you for advice.

Putting in the time and work was a challenge but you made it, you know your topic well and you make recommendations to others when they need help with anything within your field of expertise.

You are using your affiliate links thru these recommendations and people are enjoying the products that you have helped them find. Making a difference in others lives is why you started this and now your commissions are soaring as well.

Over the course of two years, you have managed to make this into a full time income. You left that unsatisfying job months ago and your never going back.

Everything is going great, you’re paying down that debt at incredible speed, keeping food on the table, spending more quality time with the family, and just enjoying the financial freedom that you have built through genuinely helping others.

To believe that you did all of this without your own website. It’s Amazing!

people scaling a cliff

One day you wake up, grab a cup of coffee, and head to the kitchen table to check your hard-earned cash flow.

After logging in to your affiliate account, you notice there are no new commissions today, but your not sure why. You have been receiving these payments daily for almost two years now. Why would this day be any different?

You go back to the forum where you have been earning this income for so long and you notice there was an update.

After reading the update, your horrified. They will no longer allow affiliate links on their site and have removed every mention containing one.

You write the owners pleading for them to reconsider. Over the years, you have become the most authoritative member on their forum and dedicated so much time to helping others thru their site.

The loss of this income will be a huge blow to your bank account and you may not be able to remain on the forum much longer because of the need to supplement this lost income.

The owners reply with a sorry but it’s our new policy, no exceptions.

Now What!

You were smart at the start of this online venture, so you have other income from other forums and social media, but nothing else compares to the level of income that you were generating from that one forum. It was a huge name brand site with millions of followers who visited daily.

Now you have to search other sources to replace this lost income, and then you think, perhaps its time to start your own affiliate marketing website.

This may seem like an extreme example but it has happened to many people before and if you had all of your eggs in one basket, it would have been catastrophic to your financial independence.

With that in mind:

This Is How To Get Started Without A Website

This is the simple part of the process.

There are only three steps in general, that you need to take, before you decide to move forward.

Simple Step One: Choose your affiliate product or service.

The Next Step

What product/service do you enjoy, care about, and have a working knowledge of. It should be something that you would genuinely enjoy recommending to others to solve their needs or desires. Please don’t promote junk or something you don’t believe in.

Simple Step Two: Choose your method of delivery.

We will cover these options in just a minute. You can choose to use one or many, it just depends on how much your willing to work at it and what method your most comfortable with.

Simple Step Three: Share some helpful content

After you have chosen what medium you will reach others with, you should start writing your ad copy, sharing posts, or making recommendations. The delivery will depend on the method and we will discuss those below.

Here Are The 7 Ways To Do Affiliate Marketing Without A Website.


Ever listen to a podcast and hear your favorite host mention a product or make a strong recommendation to try something, they were likely promoting an affiliate product.

You can create your very own podcast without the need for a website. Podcasts are a great medium for creating a brand for yourself and monetizing your affiliate offers.

There are numerous ways that you can accomplish this.

Here are some of the most common:

microphone for podcast setup

  • Do a product review
  • Have an interview with the creator of a product
  • Use affiliate links in your show notes
  • Promote training and your resources page
  • Have a guest host for a day
  • Always use affiliate links for products you recommend
  • Etc.

As you can see, there are many options here.

Keep in mind that there are also a few things that you will need to get started with your own podcasts.

I go more in depth in this post about How To Use Affiliate Marketing With A Podcast And No Website.


powerpoint example

Have you ever seen a PowerPoint presentation?

This is how SlideShare is set up. You can create slides, either written or video presentations about certain topics.

Owned by LinkedIn, SlideShare is a great discovery platform used by millions of people around the world to share slide presentations , business documents, and connect with like minded groups.

It’s possible to use affiliate links within your slides and earn commissions.

They even have numerous quality online courses and training to help you learn how to create your own PowerPoint presentations.

Give it a look and see for yourself if this is something you may be interested in at SlideShare.com.


I’m sure most of my readers are familiar with Pinterest. What you may not have known, is that a lot of products found on here can be linked back to affiliate offers.

Do you remember?

scrabble pinterest

Remember that story from earlier and how I said things like that have indeed happened to people before. Well, if you were using affiliate links on Pinterest back in 2015, then you already know all about it.

For those who don’t know, Pinterest did ban affiliate links in 2015 because they were being abused by to many bad actors. Spamming is never good, and losers who do it can ruin it for us all.

I’m glad to say that they did remove that ban in May 2016 due to increased spam detection and security.

Even though they finally reversed that decision, I’m sure many people were hurt when they pulled the plug on affiliate links in the first place, and users couldn’t do anything about it.

Monetize Pinterest with affiliate links and no website.

Assuming you followed the steps outlined earlier, then this should be a breeze.

After you have your product, Pinterest is your platform, now you need the helpful content.

You will need to find related images, edit those as you please, create a pin, and share the content with the affiliate links included in the pins.

Provide value to your viewers with helpful information and, as with any business, a percentage may buy the products thru your affiliate links.

Here is a more in depth explanation by Justin Bryant over at selfmadesuccess.com.


clicking Linkedin

If you are knowledgeable about a certain product or service and it just so happens to have an affiliate program, then you should promote that with your own links on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn is a social media site meant to be used as a professional display for your career. Advertising on this platform can be a great way to expand your reach to many business leaders and other entrepreneurs.

This one is really straight forward and easy to do.


Write your own e-books and you can refer people to certain products or services that you can earn commissions for.

Writing a book may seem like a rather complicated task to conquer but once it’s done, that’s it, you don’t have to write it again and it can earn you some serious commissions down the road.

Lead Pages:

Android tablet

There are many ways to monetize your affiliate offers without owning a website on Lead Pages.

They have a few that work well for affiliates without websites such as:

  • Webinars
  • Landing pages
  • Sales pages
  • Video hosting for free courses

All of these features can be utilized similar to the others that have been mentioned already.

Video Channels:

YouTube Play button

Do you like making videos? Maybe you find it easier to express your thoughts thru visual and verbal communication, and that’s great, you should use video channels for your affiliate offers.

There are many video channels that let users post their own created content and you can add in your offers thru reviews, recommendation, or any other method already described.

Here are the two of the most popular channels that you may like to consider:

  • YouTube – Who hasn’t heard of this one yet?
  • Twitch – Most popular for gaming but also host to a multitude of other niche markets.


That’s right, create a twitter account and add some value with your recommended affiliate offers and earn some commissions when people purchase.


Social media mobile phone

Almost everyone today either has a Facebook account or has at the very least, heard of Facebook. This is a huge market to tap into and they have a paid advertising system within the platform.

I’m sure you’re noticing a trend here.

The process is virtually the same no matter what platform you decide to get started with.

Build a following, create value, promote with affiliate links, earn commissions when your offers convert.

Paid Advertising:

This one is a little different because you’re putting money upfront and hoping that you have some winning ad copy to covert those prospects.

You can do various types of split testing here to see what works best, I would just keep the ad spend low until your seeing an acceptable ROI for your efforts.

Looking For Some Affiliate Programs?

If you need help to find affiliate products or services to promote, try these sites out.

  • ClickBank – They have one of the largest affiliate directories online
  • ShareaSale – At 19 years in business, they have an affiliate network with over 3900 affiliate programs (website required)
  • Peerfly– Another large and growing affiliate network
  • JVZoo – 2016 and 17 rated Inc. the fastest growing company, they have a lot to offer as well
  • MaxBounty – connecting affiliates to vetted high paying advertisers

Get Started:


I will have some more in depth tutorials on how to effectively promote affiliate offers without a website on each of these platforms in the near future.

With that being said, there is enough information here for you to get started making money online without a website.

You must take action to make a difference.

I used to always suffer from analysis paralysis. I wanted to know everything I could before I was comfortable moving forward. If your the same, then please take it from me, this will get you nowhere fast.

Learning on the fly has turned out to be a far better option and the greatest choice I could have ever made for my future.

You will learn what you need when you need it. It’s better to learn skills and put them into practice, instead of forgetting before you can implement and use that knowledge.

There is….

A Better Option.

Plan B

As I explained early in this post, one of the downsides to making money as an affiliate without a website, is that you will not have full control over the site(s) that you’re using.

Many will have barriers or limitations and you could lose that lifeline without notice.

If you want to build something more for yourself and your family.

You don’t want to put your financial independence to the mercy of others.

Taking control and creating the path to your dreams and freedom sounds like a good plan.

You need to create your own website. Eventually you will put money into it, and that is to be expected. No successful business has ever made it big without making some up front investments.

You can start for Free and while the learning curve may be significant, it’s never impossible, plus there is Free training along with a host of other indispensable resources.

Till next time.

To Your Success

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